S= Arturo
G= Randall Salas>>Paganus Doctrina
B= Douglas C.
D= Rodrigo Gutierrez


One of the first bands of its extreme ilk in Costa Rica the band was a presence in the underground scene of the mid-’90s. Most notable was its extreme logo, which was a standout. The group was formed in 1991 and disbanded in 2012 only to return 2009. There were many line-up changes. The logo was changed to something legible. The 1992 demo was called Vivisección. Next came Postbiosis. A full-length was called Still Oppression Rules and issued in 1995. Live oppression followed in 1997. It was recorded at Lucho Barahona Teather in San José, the capital of the peaceful country Costa Rica. The band took a comical tact with the Jalapeños In Burger Republic demo and disbanded. The 2013 ‘return’ demo was called Hellritage.

Costa Rica’s Colemesis’ album Vivisección was re-released in 2016 through Satanath/Symbol Of Domination. None of the original members were present in the act.