Ingermanland>>COMMUNIC - NORWAY

Conspiracy In Mind - 2005 - Nuclear Blast
Waves Of Visual Decay - 2006 - Nuclear Blast
Payment Of Existence - 2008 - Nuclear Blast
The Bottom Deep – 2011 – Nuclear Blast
Where Echoes Gather – 2017 – AFM
Hiding From The World – 2020 - AFM

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Clairvoya, Ingermanland, Scariot>>ODDLEIF STENSLAND

Clairvoya, Ingermanland, Scariot>>ODDLEIF STENSLAND

Columbus, Paranoid, Kneip, Clairvoya, Dimension Psychosphere, Ingermanland, Dimenzion>>ERIK MORTENSEN>>Dimenzion

Apostary, Opus Forgotten, Scariot>>TOR ATLE ANDERSEN>>Opus Forgotten

History & Biography
Norway's melodic heavy metal unit Communic was formed in 2003 from the ashes of Ingermanland, which itself had a demo called Beyond Equador. A demo called Conspiracy In Mind (featuring Danish keyboardist Peter Jensen of Sinphonia) translated into a deal with Nuclear Blast Records and an album of the same name in the summer of 2005. The album was produced by Jacob Hansen in Denmark. A tour with Graveworm and Ensiferum followed.

The band’s second album was issued in the summer of 2006. The band was invited to play at Europe’s ProgPower that autumn. The band released a new album, Payment Of Existence, on May 30th, 2008 through Nuclear Blast Records. Jacob Hansen produced it. The Nuclear Blast recordings of 2018 was a special package. Communic’s Hiding From The World was out through AFM in late 2020. The band had a video for the title track.


On their debut album Norwegian scene newcomers Communic are all about the staccato thrash chord topped with Warrel Dane/Sanctuary-styled vocals. The band speeds up, slows down nicely and changes the melody quotient, yet the core sound of the band is the aforementioned combination. Interestingly, with seven songs on the album and the shortest song clocking in at a lengthy 6:44 there is not much discord amongst the compositions. This is probably a function of the band's young age and the group being comprised of no more than three men. In fact, analogous to how Communic is several letters short of 'communication' the band itself is lacking some fresh riffs in its arsenal. Other names which come to mind upon listening to the album are Masterplan, Queensrÿche and Nevermore of course. The raspy, but high vocals and the charging bass and often hostile guitars are a good combination. It is just that Communic could use a few more tricks up its sleeves as well. - Ali "The Metallian"

Whether or not Waves Of Visual Decay is a concept album the album’s cover artwork is fascinating and important - not the least of which because of the band’s own monicker. While the album’s first two songs hint at late Prong musically (as opposed to vocal-wise), the rest of the album copies the style we better know as “Nevermore’ in striking fashion. Warrel Dane and crew are represented on this album in many ways, which certainly diminishes Communic, although it is also fair to say that the band is a pleasant listen with a lot of character and musicianship. Be it the harder opening tracks, the slower interludes like Watching It All Disappear or the heavy galloping riffing on Fooled By The Serpent Communic is solid in all aspects except for the aforementioned uniqueness proposition. The songs are long on average, but they never actually feel so. - Ali “The Metallian”