Live In Europe - 1988 - Pony Canyon
Once Bitten - 1998 - Pony Canyon
Here They Go Again - Live - 2001 - Steamhammer

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S= John Lande - One Cent, Mark Free, Snakes In Paradise>>STEFAN BERGGREN>>Snakes In Paradise, Razorback - John Lande
G= Skinny Cat, Juicy Lucy, Babe Ruth, UFO, Wild Turkey, Paice, Ashton & Lord, Hammer, Whitesnake, Jon Lord, Solo, MGM, Moody Marsden Band, Cozy Powell, Borderline, Air Pavillion, Headmistress>>BERNIE MARSDEN - Whitesnake, Moody Marsden Band>>MICKY MOODY
B= The Bernie Marsden Band>>Sid Ringsby - Slapp Happy, National Health, Gogmagog, Gilgamesh, Colosseum II, Gary Moore, Vow Wow, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake>>NEIL MURRAY [PHILIP NEIL MURRAY]
D= Blonde On Blonde>>Roger Chapman - Amon Din, Axis, Steamhammer>>JOHN LINGWOOD
K= Moody Marsden Band, Bernie Marsden, Procul Harum, Big Country>>JOSH

Formed by former Whitesnake guitarists Marsden and Moody in 1997 the band is predictably a hard rock band with a blues base. The band was occasionally billed as Whitesnake which, according to the group, was done by greedy promoters. Needless to say David Coverdale was not amused.
The company did some European shows at first. Scottish bassist Murray has a long history in the genre. Phillips is a famous keyboardist who has worked with everyone from Eric Clapton and Phil Collins to Sting and Elton John. He previously played in the Moody Marsden band and Bernie Marsden solo act. Lingwood is another session player who has two dozen albums and projects to his name. Swedish singer Berggren is a member of another reptile Snakes In Paradise.
The first two albums were recorded as The Snakes. However when a Norwegian vs. British rift occured within the band, the Norwegians left with the moniker The Snakes. The remaining members were left no choice but to adopt a new name.