Monnos – 2012 – Burning World
Mount Wrath: Live At Roadburn 2012 – 2013 – Burning World
Blood Eagle – 2014 - Napalm
Revengeance – 2016 – Napalm
Existential Void Guardian – 2018 – Napalm
Live At Freak Valley – 2021 - Napalm


S= John McNulty - Phil Coumbe>>Drought - CHRIS FIELDING – Ungraven>>JON DAVIS>>Ungraven
G= Ungraven, DOS>>JON DAVIS>>Ungraven, DOS
B= Coltsblood>>John McNulty>>Coltsblood, Black Magician - Phil Coumbe - Agent Of The Morai>>CHRIS FIELDING
D= Paul O'Neill>>OMV – Flayed Disciple>>Rich Lewis>>Intensive Square – Altar Of Plagues, Abaddon Incarnate, SODB, Malthusian, Krawwl, Dread Sovereign, DOS>>JOHNNY KING>>SODB, Malthusian, Krawwl, Dread Sovereign, DOS


This band with barbarian lyrical themes has been around with a couple of fits and starts since 2006. Richie Grundie was on drums. Being a sludge band the first demo was called Battle In The Swamp in 2007. Another untitled rehearsal emerged after the band regrouped in 2010. Throne Records issued the band’s 2010 EP, Horseback Battle Hammer. The band Ireland’s Slomatics had a split release next. The group’s full-length debut came in 2012. Phil Coumbe was on vocals and bass here. The band played the Roadburn festival in April of 2012 and subsequently issued Mount Wrath: Live At Roadburn 2012. Having switched to Napalm the band released Blood Eagle in 2014. The band and Serial Hawk toured North America in 2016. The band uploaded a bunch of tracks called Live At Bannermans Bar - August 2012 independently as this was an older recording. Chris Fielding was heard on Revengeance.

The band has toured Canada, Japan, USA and Europe. Founder Davis runs Black Bow Records.