Death & Beyond – 2016 – Satanath
Putrid Realms Of The Occult – 2020 – Satanath


S= Disorder, Witchgöat, Conflagracion>>M.Q. [JORGE MONTESINO]>>Disorder, Witchgöat, Conflagracion
G= Disorder, Conflagracion, Morbid Stench, Invocation Of Death, Destroyer Attack>>M.Q. [JORGE MONTESINO]>>Destroyer Attack, Conflagracion, Invocation Of Death, Morbid Stench, Disorder – Conflicto>>R.V. [Rene Vega]>>Conflicto, Catarsis
B= Conflicto>>C.B. [Carlos Basagoitia]>>Conflicto
D= Soomdrag, Dismal Gale, Arcane, Disorder>>V.K. [Iosif Najarro ]>>Disorder, Invocation Of Death, Morbid Stench, Tabu – Soomdrag, Dismal Gale, Arcane, Disorder, Invocation Of Death, Morbid Stench, Tabu>>V.K. [IOSIF NAJARRO]>>Disorder, Invocation Of Death, Morbid Stench, Tabu
K= Scavanger>>T.M. [Tulio Mata]


The band was called Spiritual Demise for a year before becoming Conceived By Hate in 2003. The band was a follow-up to Disorder although that band reformed later. Over the year Conceived By Hate became the band and solo act of MQ. Lost In The Gardens Of Hate was a 2005 demo; featured is one member who was a piano player. Witness Of Decay was a demo in 2009. The next demo had a remarkable cover and arrived in 2012. It was called Pestilence Reborn. In the meantime, several singers came and went. The band issued several splits next to bridge the gap until 2016 brought the group’s debut record. Drummer V.K. rejoined the fold in 2020.


The mothers of these El Salvadorian boys must be either ashamed or angry at their boys. Oh well, how is the album? The band hails from halfway across the world, but they have the Swedeath sound of the Entombeds and Dismembers of the world down pat. The vocals are more banshee-like than the average Swedish band however. Moreover, these guys have skewed soloing in favour of added and deliberate distortion and noise. Yes, it is even crunchier than the average distorted death metal band. The band goes for the crunch especially during the slower passages like the one on Drowned In Tomb Mold. The group’s Achilles heel is the repetition. There are several times when the one particular riff is repeated over and over to the song’s detriment. There are slower and even acoustic interludes throughout, but the gist of this act is speedy underground noise-death and as if they recognize they have given the average Metallica/Madonna/Kanye fan a lot of heavy power they take time to make the album’s closer Cipreses Funebres a soothing and melodic acoustic outro. Well considered, boys. – Ali “The Metallian”


Conceived By Hate