Fragments Of The Moon - 1997 - LMP
From Father To Son - 1998 - LMP
Rain Forest - 2000 - LMP
The End Of The Beginning - 2001 - LMP
Destruction And Creation - 2002 - VPCC
Life On The Wire - 2003 - VPCC
Live - Once In A Lifetime - 2003 - VPCC
After The Double Cross - 2004 - VAP
Rise From Ashes – 2008 - VAP
Angel Of Chaos – 2010 – Triumph
Live For Today, Hope For Tomorrow – 2011 - Triumph
Savior Never Cry – 2011 - Triumph
Black Flame – 2013 - Triumph
Between Life And Death – 2015 – Katsusa Planning
Tears Of Messiah – 2017 - Walküre
Ouroboros – 2019 – Walküre
Rain Fire – 2020 - Walküre
Back Beyond Time - 2024 - Walküre

Concerto Moon image
Dirty Doll, Zenith>>Takao Ozaki - Giraffe Phantom, Valthus>>HAGA WATASHI [HAGA WATARU]>>Valthus

Dion, Crystal Clear, D.T.F.M., Double Dealer>>SHIMA NORIFUMI>>D.T.F.M., Double Dealer

Kosaku Mitani - Razing Steel, Marge Litch>>NAKAYASU SHIGEHARU>>Marge Litch

Blindman>>Ichiro Nagai>>Atomic Tornado, Ark Storm –陰陽座, Fumihiko Kitsutaka>>KAWATSUKA ATSUSHI>>Fumihiko Kitsutaka

Double Dealer>>Toshiyuki Koike>>Double Dealer – Demon’s Eye>>MIYAKE RYO>>Demon’s Eye

History & Biography
Concerto Moon is a successful Japanese band that is comprised of proficient musicians with a liking for Rainbow, Malmsteen and other melodic hard rock bands. The band was formed by guitarist Shima in the autumn of 1995 and has opened for Stratovarius in Japan. From Father To Son landed in the Oricon charts at position 66. The End Of The Beginning was a double CD live album. Ryo Miyake and Watashi Haga joined in 2018. Road To Ouroboros 〜Live Compilation 2019 Spring〜 was a DVD. The band shot a video for the song Long Way To Go for Rain Fire. Waiting For You was the name of a 2021 EP. Back Beyond Time, with a new logo, was a 2024 album whose bonus material included self-cover versions. The band, Blindman and others were booked for a gig in Sendai in 2024.



Concerto Moon