The Voice Of Hatred - 2005 - Armageddon
The Warchitect - 2006 - Armageddon
The Essence Of Anger - 2009 - Limited Access
The Origin Of Violence – 2014 – Cargo Germany

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Cyberya, Cephalgia>>OLIVER “KOFFER” LUX>>Cyberya, Cephalgia

Cyberya, Cephalgia, Trinity>>OLIVER “KOFFER” LUX>>Cyberya, Cephalgia, Trinity - OLIVER KAMPER

Thought Sphere>>Karsten Heyn>>Thought Sphere, Lion Twin, Rebattered - Exhumator, Guerrilla, All We Hate>>Andreas “Westi” Westphal>>All We Hate - Schattenspieler, Von Pey>>ILIJA JELUSIC>>Schattenspieler, Von Pey

Tim Obernyer - Christoph Zelt – Obscurity>>PATRICK NAU>>Obscurity

History & Biography
Wuppertal-based Contradiction was formed in 1989 and issued a demo called Deadly Games in 1991, Old Demon in 1992 and Rules Of Peace in 1993. The band featured bassist Lars Fischbach and drummer Kai Fischer at this point. The thrashers signed to Midian Records and issued All We Hate! in 1995. A demo called Good Company was issued three years later. With not much in the way of success, the band went into hiatus until 2003 and the Contaminated demo. Germany’s Armageddon Music signed the band up and issued The Voice Of Hatred in 2005, followed by The Warchitecht in 2006. Drummer Zelt drummed for the band from 1995 to 2000 and eventually returned in 2007.

Contradiction commemorated its twentieth birthday with an album called The Essence Of Anger. It was released by Limited Access Records. The Origin Of Violence was issued in Germany alone. Ilija Jelusic was on bass. Patrick Nau was on drums.

The band announced it was throwing in the towel in 2023. Final Devastation Tour was to be the end that autumn, although Portuguese concerts were cancelled due to illness. The band had Mike Mcke Vrcs (bass) and Christoph Zelt (drums) in tow for this tour.


Check this out for a Contradiction, this German band has been around since 1989 and I had never even heard of them. The Warchitect is the band’s second or third album depending on whom you ask and it shows a dedication to thrash metal that is second to none. The group has been at it for seventeen years and to prove the point has a song here simply called, Thrash Metal.
The first thing the listener notices is the relatively monotonous and unmusical gruff voice of Oliver Lux who has a smoky tone if that is the right word. The band’s music has similarities to new Kreator, Sodom and of course Slayer. The toms sound suspect and have a sampled feel to them, but otherwise the drums roll on and on and on. Everyone at Metallian Towers despises the stupid cover songs every band records and Contradiction makes sure one is present here too for god knows whatever reason. The cover of Motörhead’s Rock’n’Roll goes nowhere of course. Finally, just in case the album’s title fails to emphasize it, the songs have a war theme to them. There is no confusing where the group’s head is at with titles like Tunes Of War, Peacemaker, Thunderstorm and the title track. - Anna Tergel