Polemic – 2015 – Willowtip
To Perceive Is To Suffer – 2017 - Willowtip
Their Worm Never Dies – 2019 - Willowtip


S= Abdicate, Goemagot, Animals Killing People>>Cody Mcconnell>>Goemagot, Animals Killing People – Solo>>GEORGE KOLLIAS>>Solo
G= Manic, Delirium Endeavor>>JIM TASIKAS>>Delirium Endeavor – Sulaco>>BRIAN MASON>>Sulaco – Sepia Dreamer, The Senseless, Imperator, Mithras, Sarpanitum>>Leon Macey>>Mithras, Sarpanitum – Sulaco>>BRIAN MASON>>Sulaco
B= Manic, Delirium Endeavor>>ED PAULSEN>>Delirium Endeavor
D= System Shock, Nightfall, Sickening Horror, Extremity Obsession, Cerebrum, Solo, Nile, Burnt City>>GEORGE KOLLIAS>>Solo, Nile, Burnt City


This Rochester, New York, USA band was formed in 2014. A demo, called Predestined was quickly issued in 2014.

The death metal band, which featured members of Nile, Sulaco, Mithras, Goemagot, Delirium Endeavor and others, had an album called Polemic through Willowtip Records. Kolias took over the vocals upon McConnell’s departure. USA-based Contrarian issued the Their Worm Never Dies album through Willowtip Records on 15.03.2019.