Subliminal Fear - 2000 - Wicked World/Earache
Perfection In Pain - 2003 - Wicked World/Earache
Newcomers Of Sin - 2008 - Anticulture

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Daisy Chain>>Pelle Severin - Thornclad, Satanic Slaughter, Höst, Demons To Prefer>>Filip Carlsson>>Demons To Prefer


Seance>>Johan Ekstrom - Thornclad, Demons To Prefer, Algaion, Ash And Coal>>VIKTOR KLINT>>Thornclad, Demons To Prefer, Algaion, Ash And Coal

Satanic Slaughter, Höst, Algaion>>ROBERT ENG>>Algaion

History & Biography
Here comes another Swedish answer to Slayer! The Linköping-based band played covers until writing its own songs and getting signed to Earache subsidiary Wicked World. Guitarists Magnus Pettersson and Olof Knuttsson and drummer Robert Eng started playing together in 1995 as a Slayer cover band.

They acquired Satanic Slaughter's Filip Carlsson on bass soon after. Corporation 187 (187 is the Swedish police code for murder), though, was only founded in 1998. Carlsson left and was replaced by Magnus. A demo simply called Promo 98 was recorded which lead to a recording contract with Earache imprint Wicked World.

Ekstrom, formerly of Seance, joined the band and Petersson returned to his guitar duties. The debut was recorded at at Studio Underground and Studio Helltower. Severin left the fold and was replaced by none other than Carlsson in 2001 - now singing for the band! Corporation 187 toured Germany and Holland in April 2002 with Lord Belial and Satanic Slaughter. Following the tour Viktor Klint replaced Ekstrom. In August of 2002 the band visited Studio Underground and Studio Helltower for recording and enlisted Peter Tägtgren and Abyss Studios for the mix of what was to become Perfection In Pain. Shows with Arch Enemy followed. The album was issued in January of 2003.

Corporation 187 was back in 2008 and announced the release of its third album, Newcomers Of Sin, in March through Anticulture Records. The band pulled out of its proposed UK tour supporting Malefice due to financial problems in the summer of 2008. Singer Filip Carlsson soon quit Corporation 187 citing severe and regular headaches he had apparently suffered from. Viktor Klint and Robert Eng also joined Algaion as session members.


It was only a matter of time. After the relative success of Earache with The Haunted, and the label's discovery that Slayer-influenced thrash metal from Sweden featuring ex-members of Seance sells, here comes the label (again) with Corporation 187, a Slayer-influenced thrash metal band from Sweden. And fear not, this one features an ex-member of Seance as well. Sure, this is neither as good as The Haunted nor will sell as many copies, but if razor-tinged riffs, speedy metal rhythms and shouted vox are your little kink Corporation 187 mean business. On and on south of heaaaaven, on and on... - Ali "The Metallian"

We might as well get it out of the way, the core of this company used to practice its due diligence by serving in a Slayer cover band. Never one to be coy about things, Earache is issuing this album alongside its Swedish thrash peer The Haunted. The correlation is blatant, but this emperor has clothes. The music is pounding and relentless. In fact this thrash borders death metal in its relentless pursuit. The singer is out of his mind and the sound (mixed by Peter Tagtgren at The Abyss) right where it should be. It's not quite perfection yet, but this bunch has gotten most things right. Hell, even the solos light a fire in all the right places. Fast, heavy, bruising, etc, etc. what else can a thrasher ask for? Play tip: the under-three minute long Thursday-Night Aggression. Best song title: Strange Is Strong. - Ali "The Metallian"

With Sweden’s Corporation 187 off the scene for six years one would expect some changes in the band’s sound and a change or two are afoot. First though, Newcomers (ironic for a third album, isn’t it?) Of Sin is a great album. With a typically powerful production to back it up the band death thrashes with gusto. Multiple layers of guitar lead the way as agonized vocals and multiple tempos attack from all speakers. The main change, however, is that while the Corporation 187 still incorporates much that could be linked back to Slayer the songs here are no clones, copies or cheats. In fact, at times the extensively instrumental record goes into a sort of freeform extremeness that stems from the band’s mastery of a tight extreme metal sound. At The Gates meets Darkane and goes its own way.
There are no standout tracks on the disc because they are all equally good. This is an album; not a single or two and miscellaneous fullers. This is an angry and pounding album that is at ease with its rancor. - Ali “The Metallian”


Corporation 187