Enthralment>>Corpsegod>>CORPSEFUCKING ART - ITALY

Splatter Deluxe – 2003 – Forever Underground
War Of The Toilet Gear – 2005 – Goregiastic
Zombiefuck – 2008 - Sevared
Quel Cimitero Accanto Alla Villa – 2014 – Sevared
Beverly Hills Corpse (Live) – 2018 – Rising Nemesis
Splatterphobia – 2018 - Comatose


S= Jack Limone - Southern Drinkstruction>>FRANCESCO SOUTHERN BASTARD>>Southern Drinkstruction
G= Gravestone, Bomberos, Morbo>>ANDREA CIPOLLA>>Bomberos, Morbo - Perfidy Biblical, Putrid Dismemberment, Demonian, Vulvectomy, Coprophiliac, Devangelic, Impaled Bitch>>MARIO DI GIAMBATTISTA>>Vulvectomy, Devangelic, Impaled Bitch
B= In Low Spirits>>MARCO DE RITIS
D= Perfidy Biblical, Lunarsea>>Stuart Franzoni>>Perfidy Biblical, Degenerhate, Lunarsea - Southern Drinkstruction>>EDDIE VAGENIUS>>Southern Drinkstruction


The band had two other monickers earlier and for three years, but was official as of 1996. It issued Promo 1996 and an EP called A Puzzle Of Flesh before a split with Colombia’s Goretrade. The band went up market with 2003’s Splatter Deluxe. It featured a cute pig called Mrs. Babe. Italy-based Corpsefucking Art, featuring current and former members of Vulvectomy, Devangelic, Morbo and Southern Drinkstruction, was working on the follow-up to its last album Quel Cimitero Accanto Alla Villa (‘Cemetery By The House’) in 2017, which was released on Sevared Records in 2014. In the meantime, the band had a new promo track called Satanic Barbecue out through the Indonesian label Brutal Mind. Corpsefucking Art’s full-length Splatterphobia was out through Comatose Music in late 2018. The artwork was courtesy of Chris Moyen.



Corpsefucking Art