Abysmal Thresholds - 2014 - Dark Descent
Impetus Of Death – 2018 – Dark Descent
Succumb To Rot - 2022 - Dark Descent
Skeletal Grotesquery - 2023 - Krucyator

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The Coven, Cardinals Folly, Tyranny>>JYRI LUSTIG>>Cardinals Folly, Tyranny - Wormphlegm, Tyranny, Profetus, Pestilent Hex>>MATTI MÄKELÄ>>Tyranny, Profetus, Pestilent Hex

Wormphlegm, Tyranny>>Matti Mäkelä>>Tyranny - Murderaim, Azure>>Mikko Pöllä>>Azure, Kathrash - Lie In Ruins, Supreme Court, Perdition Winds, Cataleptic>>TUOMAS KULMALA>>Lie In Ruins, Supreme Court, Perdition Winds, Cataleptic

Bedimmed, Pohjoinen Kuri, Lie In Ruins, Tyranny>>JUSSI-PEKKA MANNER>>Bedimmed, Pohjoinen Kuri, Lie In Ruins, Tyranny

History & Biography
The Finnish death metal band was formed in 2007. An announcement in April of 2011 was made that Dark Descent would release Corpsessed's The Dagger And The Chalice EP on May 12th. A vinyl version was promised for later in 2011. Matti was lost on bass, but later rejoined on guitar.

Dark Descent Records would release Abysmal Thresholds, the debut from Finland's Corpsessed, on February 4th, 2014. Bassist Mikko left in 2016. Impetus Of Death was recorded in the band's rehearsal room. Beyond Abysmal Thresholds was a 2019 demo, which Dark Descent re-released in 2022. Speaking of the label, the band had its 2022 album released through the company. Succumb To Rot was recorded in 2020 and 2021. The group released Skeletal Grotesquery, its 2023 live album, through Krucyator Productions. Skeletal Grotesquery was a live recording from the band’s performance at Braincrusher In Hell Festival in Hirschaid, Germany, on 25 November 2022. The band was booked for Tones Of Decay and Helsinki Death Fest (with God Forsaken, Benediction, Cancer and others) in 2023. There were concerts with Dead Chasm in Italy. The act was booked for Metal Threat Fest 2024 in the USA and Bloodfest (with Aeonian, As The Sun Falls, Tenebrae Aeternum and others) in Finland..