Raping The Ears Of Those Above - 2000 - Independent/Blackened Moon

Corpsevomit image
S= Warship>>Brice Dalzell>>Warship, Enmortem, The Everscathed

G= PAT CLANCY>>Imperial Savagery, Malas, Nachtmystium, Sons Of Famine, Gigan, Berator - MATT McCLELLAND>>Summon, Yakuza, Boatman’s Toll

B= Warship>>Brice Dalzell>>Warship, Enmortem, The Everscathed, Imperial Savagery

D= Cumchrist>>GARRETT SCANLAN>>Cumchrist, Evil Incarnate, Lividity, Imperial Savagery, Sons Of Famine, Kommandant

History & Biography
Corpsevomit was formed in 1992 in Northern USA. Demo #1 appeared in 1993. Gathering Chemical Children followed in 1994. The band played death metal and has participated in most major US festivals. The 1996 EP Bastards Of Foreverfilth was issued through Wild Rags. Members were also in Cumchrist. The band split up in 2001, but while active the group was known for its homophobia.

Members would regroup in cover band Hell Awaits and Imperial Savagery.