Ecstasy - 1995 - Sick
Bacchus Songs - 1996 - Negative
Pussyworld - 2002 - Metal Mind
Orgasmusica - 2003 - Metal Mind
Virgin’s Milk - 2006 - Metal Mind
Bourbon River Bank - 2010 - Mystic
Devil’s Share - 2014 - Metal Mind

Corruption image
S= P. Horne>>Electric Hate Machine, Night Gallery – Rufus - Vagitarians>>RUTKOŚ>>Vagitarians

G= Chicken [Janusz Kubicki] – Night Gallery>>Thrashu [Krzysztof Szydło] – Elektryczny [Paweł Kubik] - Leash-Eye, Ascalon, Gortal>>Opath – Goat Force One>>Erol [Paweł Niziołek]>>Goat Force One – Chain Reaction, Exlibris>>DANNY LECHMAŃSKI>>Exlibris - Vagitarians>>RUTKOŚ>>Vagitarians

B= Virgin Snatch, Night Gallery>>ANIOL [PIOTR WACISZ]>>Virgin Snatch, Night Gallery

D= Night Gallery, S.N.O.W, Slaughter Of The Souls>>Melon [Grzegorz Wilkowski]>>Night Gallery, S.N.O.W, Slaughter Of The Souls - Blade Of Terror, Vagitarians, Imaginoid, Spirit>>Gabarz [Bartosz Gamracy]>>Imagionoid, Vagitarians, Spirit, Trup

History & Biography
Doom metal band Corruption was founded in 1991 by P. Home (vocals), Chicken (guitar), Aniol (bass) and Melon. Following several shows, the band issued a demo in 1991 called Absorbed In Misery. The same material was re-recorded for Carnage Records in 1993 as The Ultra-Florescence tape. Another demo, called Dawn Of Sullen Oratory, soon followed. The band appeared on several stages and signed with Sick Records. The band’s debut was named Ecstasy and issued in January, 1995. The disc was also licensed to the Dutch DSFA label. The act was soon joined by guitarist Thrashu. His mother would have no idea how appropriate the name would be to his son’s future upon naming him.

The band appeared at Metalmania Festival 10, but soon expelled Chicken from the act. The band recorded the Bacchus Songs album in late 1995 and recruited Gootek. Home left and was replaced by D.J. Abel. Mirek would leave five months later as well.

The band recorded a promo demo called Junky and continued gigging. Gootek left in 1998 and was replaced by Electric Hate Machine’s Pawel. A new singer called Rufus joined in 2000. Many shows, including a tour with Behemoth, followed. The band recorded a new album, called Pussyworld, in March of 2001. The band again played throughout Poland including a tenth anniversary party. The band signed to Metal Mind in 2002. A tour dubbed, Kiss, Lick, Penetrate tour followed. A year later, the band lost the services of Elektryczny, but the recording sessions for Orgasmusica went ahead. Corruption was booked at the Przystanek Woodstock festival in front of 400,000 people. A tour with Deep Purple and a DVD called Hellectrify Yourself followed. Yet another album, Virgin’s Milk, was recorded in September of 2005. The album was issued in the spring of 2006. The band, in the meanwhile, was side-lined for 6 months due to Melon’s leg injury.

Metal Mind Productions announced the release of the seventh studio album by stoner band Corruption entitled Devil’s Share for 2014. Virgin Snatch’s Łukasz "Icanraz" Sarnacki became the drummer in 2015. Spleen was a demo in 2017. Ruin Of A Man was a 2018 demo.

The band would presumably never be hungry even if record sales were low as several members were ‘Vagitarians’ or ‘Melon’ or ‘Chicken’ and could drink Virgin’s Milk.


By now any discrimination and misperceptions regarding the quality of Polish death metal has surely gone the way of the Berlin Wall and metalcore. Now that everyone knows that Poland can deliver world-class death metal it is time to also report that the country can also deliver stoner doom with the best of them. With five albums to its name, Poland’s Corruption is not the equal to, but better than bands such as Pentagram, COC and Iron Monkey. Whether a fan of the music of Iron Butterfly or the vintage screech of Spiritual Beggars Virgin’s Milk will quench your thirst for more. Through songs like 99% Evil, Hey You, the heavy Lucy Fair, the melancholy Disbelief or the pounding psychedelia of E.C.E.G. this album has it all. Even the group’s lyrics have more than their fair share of amusing wisdom instilled into its few verses. Having said that, and on occasions like the instrumental Freaky Friday, the band can and does resemble Corrosion of Conformity a tad.
A Corruption album is probably not readily available at the neighbourhood record store, but is still a worthy search for fans of any of the aforementioned names. - Ali “The Metallian”