Revealing Damnation - 2002 - Martyr
Deciphering The Soul - 2004 - Season Of Mist
An Examination Of Being - 2007 - Independent

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Order Of Ennead>>KEVIN QUIRION>Order Of Ennead - Broken Hope, Em Sinfonia>>SEAN BAXTER>>Em Sinfonia

Order Of Ennead>>KEVIN QUIRION>>Order Of Ennead, Deicide, Shadow Society - Derived From Agony>>Shawn Ohtani

Broken Hope, Em Sinfonia>>Sean Baxter>>Em Sinfonia

Malevolent Creation, Divine Empire, Aurora Borealis, Fleshgrind, Internecine, Nile, Hate Eternal>>Derek Roddy>>Hate Eternal, Fleshgrind, Internecine, Anthrax - Decrepit Birth, Aurora Borealis, Vital Remains, Hate Eternal>>Tim Yeung>>Hate Eternal, Divine Heresy, World Under Blood, Westfield Massacre, I Am Morbid

History & Biography
Quiron and Roddy formed Council Of The Fallen in 1997. Baxter, who was later recruited, was already connected to Martyr Music Group through a management deal and Broken Hope. Consequently, following the release of a self-titled demo in 2000, the band signed with the same label. The band is described as black/death metal.

Roddy joined Fleshgrind in 2002 ostensibly playing in both bands. 2003 brought the news, however, that drummer Tim Yeung of Hate Eternal has replaced Derek Roddy for Council Of The Fallen's sophomore release Deciphering The Soul. It was recorded at Mana Studio in Tampa, Florida, engineered by Shawn Ohtani and mixed and mastered by Eric Rutan. The band signed to Season Of Mist in late 2003. The group issued three songs, Seeking The Prophets, BloodOath and Scars Upon My Flesh on the Internet in the summer of 2006 and was seeking a new label after being dropped by Season Of Mist. Drummer Dave Kinkade gave up on Council Of The Fallen citing a lack of activity and instead would concentrate on his own band, Monarch. He also joined Insatanity. The band, which in 2007 featured Deicide drummer Steve Asheim, announced the addition of guitarist Santiago Dobles from the progressive act Aghora. Order Of Ennead, featuring Deicide Steve Asheim, singer and guitarist Kevin Quirion, guitarist John Li and Resurrection bassist Scott Patrick, signed with Earache Records in 2008.



Council Of The Fallen