Stormwarning>>COUNT RAVEN - SWEDEN

Storm Warning - 1990 - Hellhound
Destruction Of The Void - 1992 - Hellhound
High On Infinity - 1993 - Hellhound
Messiah Of Confusion - 1996 - Hellhound
Mammons War – 2009 – I Hate
The Sixth Storm – 2021 – I Hate

S= Chris Lindersen>>Saint Vitus, Terra Firma, Lord Vicar, Python - Doomsday Government>>DAN 'FODDE' FONDELIUS>>Doomsday Government
B= Tommy ' Wilbur' Eriksson>>Semlah, Hexenhammer – Goatess>>SAMUEL CORNELSEN>>Goatess
D= Christer 'Renfield' Pettersson – Doomsday Government, Jayce Landberg>>JENS BOCK>>Jayce Landberg

Like most Hellhound Records' bands, Count Raven was directly under the spell of Black Sabbath. The band was formed in 1987 and saw the departure of Lindersen in 1992. The doomsters were seen touring once with Solstice and Year Zero and then later with Raven. Following the split of doom band Count Raven, band vocalist Dan Fondelius formed a new band by the name of Doomsday Government in 1999. The new combo's first appearance was to be on the soundtrack of the horror movie I Am Vengeance. Like clockwork the band reformed in 2003. The band used a track from the Mammons War session for a split single with Wedded To Grief in 2010. Samuel Cornelsen joined on bass in 2016. The Sixth Storm was a new album issued in late 2021.



Count Raven