Total Soul Rape - 2000 - Rage Of Achilles
Terror Propaganda - 2002 - Selbstmord
Fuck The Universe - 2005 - Carnal
Void - 2011 - Carnal
White Noise And Black Metal – 2018 – Season Of Mist

Craft image
Belzen, Omnizide, Nidhöggr>>Mikael [Nox]>>Belzen, Omnizide, Nidhöggr

Bloodbath, Eschatology, Korda>>JOAKIM KARLSSON>>Bloodbath, Eschatology, Korda - Diabolical Hate Squad, Kaos 131, Watain, Shining>>John Doe [John Sjölin]>>Diabolical Hate Squad, Kaos 131, Watain, Shining, The Eternal Void

Diabolical Hate Squad, Kaos 131, Shining>>John Doe>>Diabolical Hate Squad, Kaos 131, Shining - Joakim Karlsson – Shining, Hypothermia, Kall, Seid, Zornheym>>PHIL A. CIRONE>>Hypothermia, Kall, Seid, Zornheym

Joyless, Wulkanaz>>Daniel Halén>>Joyless, Wulkanaz – Gehenna, Orcustus, 122 Stab Wounds, Aura Noir, Emperor, Gorgoroth, Enslaved, World Destroyer>>Dirge Rep [Per Håvarstein Husebø]>>Gehenna, Orcustus, The Konsortium, Nauthis

History & Biography
Rejecting all commercial infiltrators like keyboards, female vocals, etc., Craft takes black metal back to the future. The band was formed in 1994 and recorded two demos that were rejected by the band itself. Carnal Records finally released a demo called Total Eclipse in 1999 as Craft. Joakim played bass on the album and a session singer, Bjorn, contributed second vocals. Terror Propaganda was reissued by Moribund in 2004. Another American label, Southern Lord, licensed Fuck The Universe. Blut & Eisen announced a vinyl version. Daniel left the band in December of 2005. The band recruited Per "Dirge Rep" Husebø (Orcustus and Gehenna) to drum on the forthcoming Void album in 2008. The band reported scratching his recordings due to changes after the drum sessions however. Craft’s Void album was out through Southern Lord on September 27th, 2011. In the meantime, the European edition had hit position number 7 in the Swedish charts. In 2015, Season Of Mist was “proud to announce the signing” of Sweden’s Craft to its Underground Activists imprint. The band, which was described as “black metal virtue of raw spiritual energy expressed through violent, ripping guitar work and unholy rhythms enhanced by demonic vocals” could be followed on Facebook. John Doe left in 2018. The act appeared at Nordfest in 2019. Former Diabolical drummer Pär Johansson joined in 2022. Former Diabolical man Tobias Jansson joined on guitar in 2023. The band and Martyrdöd played a gig together in lieu of the postponed Black Mass festival in 2022.

Singer Nox left in 2024. Mannevond (Koldbrann, etc.) added this name to its collection as well and took over the microphone. The band was booked for Metal Theatre Festival in July and was recording a new album.

The band's name is meant to represent how black metal music is the band's craft and living.


Ever imagined what the sound of misanthropy is when put to music? Imagine no more.
Fuck The Universe is the third album of Sweden’s necro black metal beasts Craft and, while neither the fastest nor the heaviest album out there, is as intense as any and more. Taking cues from Darkthrone and Mayhem (before some wimps decided to take it into a hiphop direction) and preserving the ideals and intentions of the originators of the scene for blackened hearts Craft is the sort of band that makes Gorgoroth sound cheerful in comparison. This is grim as fucking hell with lyrics and attitude to match. Indeed, the band’s conviction and determination translates into a dedicated piece of art here. The album can only be for those enamoured with the Satanic majesty, be it the newer Satyricon-like Terni Exusta: Queen Reaper that is playing or the hypnotic and repetitious title track with the uneven last half, the incredulously simple According To Him or the anger inherent in Xenophobia with its matching lyrics.
Boys and girls Sweden delivers once again. - Ali “The Metallian”