Cranium, Legion>>CRANIUM - SWEDEN

Speed Metal Slaughter - 1998 - Necropolis
Speed Metal Sentence - 1999 - Necropolis

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Dawn, Obduracy>>FREDRIK SODEBERG>>Dawn

Dawn, Obduracy>>FREDRIK SODEBERG>>Dawn

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Dawn, Niden Div. 187>>Jocke Petersson>>Dawn, Niden Div. 187 - Otumno>>JOHAN HALLBERG

History & Biography
No surprise that the band's inaugural CD was a mini called Speed Metal Satan! The band hails from Stockholm and is part of the resurgence of late nineties. The members used aliases early on.


It is with calm amusement that I sit here and listen to Cranium, a band whose existence harks back to the glory years of metal, the 1980's. Following the days of true and pure metal, many bands began experimenting with exotic instruments and arrangements such as flute, keyboards, church organs and other means of taking their girlfriends on tour and have the record company foot the bill. The reaction is the backlash and the circle is nearing completion. Reminiscent of Death and Razor musically and sporting vocals not far removed from what Assassin would exude and the screams of Warlord, the veteran trio which features members of Afflicted and Dawn have reformed this band after some ten years and break teeth playing metal the way the gods wanted. There is no mentally retarded "progression" or "slower heavy riffing" here. Speed Metal Satan is unapologetically metal and, unlike bands like Guillotine for instance, does not rip off anyone and instead mixes different metallic elements. Enough chatter for titles like Storm Of Steel And Hate or Bestial Butcher speak for themselves. - Ali "The Metallian"

With Cranium's new album I hardly knew whether to bang my head to the sound or roll on the floor from laughter. On the one hand it's pure 'speed metal' sentence. On the other, the band's habit of releasing CDs with the SMS acronym, funny covers, funnier names and this album's 'in the court' intro complete with thick Swedish accents (hint boys: if a judge passes sentence, then the case is not 'dismissed') make for a comic experience. Did these guys used to be Afflicted (Convulsion)? Cranium is so different in its straight ahead, Iron Angel and Exodus-meets-1985's speed metal. This is all in the name of fun and nothing to be taken seriously - at least with titles like Pestilential Penis and Nymphomaniac Nuns I hope not! - Ali "The Metallian"