Rest In Sleaze - 2005 - Universal
The Unattractive Revolution - 2007 - Universal
Generation Wild - 2010 - Gain
The Savage Playground - 2013 – Frontiers
Rust – 2019 - Frontiers

S= Rockway>>Dave Lepard [David Hellman] – Reckless Love>>H. Olliver Twisted>>Reckless Love – Foxey>>Simon Cruz – GABRIEL KEYES
G= Dave Lepard [David Hellman] – Gemini Five, Sweet Creature>>MARTIN SWEET [MARTIN HOSSELTON]>>Gemini Five, Sweet Creature
B= Alter Egon>>PETER LONDON [PETER LUNDEN]>>Alter Egon
D= Pandemonic>>ERIC YOUNG [Eric Gjerdrum]

Stockholm, Sweden’s Crashdïet is a glam metal band formed originally in 2000 featuring members of Sub Vision and following a line-up overhaul that left only Dave Lepard (very funny) standing was reborn in 2002. With the release of Rest In Sleaze on a major label the band toured Sweden and played at the UK’s Download festival. The Swedes also appeared on Perris Records’ Hollywood hairspray DVD. Unfortunately, on January 20th of 2006 the band lost Dave Lepard to suicide. The man was apparently clinically depressed and was found dead in his apartment.

H. Olliver Twisted (again, very funny) was recruited from Finland’s Reckless Love to front the band in January of 2007. The new line-up paid tribute to the old singer by playing a show dubbed Rest In Sleaze Festival. The unattractive revolution was released in September of that year. It featured an appearance by Mick Mars. The American guitarist was set up to come to Sweden by Universal Music Sweden. The album’s single was called in The Law. Almost immediately rumours circulated that the band has lost its vocalist, but it was not until the summer of 2008 that Twisted left due to a lack of commitment. Crashdiet recruited Simme of Jailbait to be its new singer in the spring of 2009. The band and Finnish singer H. Olliver Twisted had parted ways a year prior. In the meantime, Reckless Love, fronted by H. Olliver Twisted, has signed a deal with Universal Music in Finland. The band's first single, One More Time, was soon out. Exciter, Necrophobic, Freedom Call, Crashdiet and Udo were participating in a ship cruise called Sweden Rock Cruise departing Stockholm on October 8th, 2009! Crashdïet performed its debut album, Rest In Sleaze, in its entirety at the annual Rest In Sleaze festival, which took place on February 6th, 2010 at Fryshuset in Stockholm, Sweden. Rest In Sleaze was initiated in 2007 as a tribute to Crashdïet singer David Hellman who committed suicide in January of 2006. The Swedish glamsters signed to Frontiers Records. The band’s next album, Generation Wild, was out on April 14th. The Swedish release is handled by Gain Records.

Crashdiet cancelled its March 9th show at the Rock The Night festival in Lichtenfels, Germany as the band's bassist, Peter London, had to undergo surgery after he was diagnosed with spinal disc herniation. Swedish band Crashdïet would release a DVD entitled Shattered Glass And Broken Bones – Three Years Of Generation Wild on December 4th, 2012. Crashdïet's manager Michael Sundén died on April 19th, 2013 after a fall in the basement of the Rock City club in Nottingham, England. The Swedish man was 45 years old. Crashdïet independently re-released its first demo as Illegal Rarities Volume 1 Limited-Edition Digipack CD. Singer Simon Cruz left the band in February of 2015. According to the act, he left the band during the Japanese tour. Sweet Creature was a 2016 hard rock group featuring Martin Sweet, guitarist for Crashdïet, on vocals. His brother Michael of Toxicrose was on drums, Linus Nirbrant of This Ending was on rhythm guitar and Tin Star of Gemini Five was on bass. The group had an as-yet untitled full-length due later that year. An independent live album, Live In Sleaze, emerged. The band recruited Gabriel Keyes as its latest singer in late 2017. He was the brother of Highride bassist Kriss Keyes. Crashdïet re-signed with Frontiers in 2019 and was working on a new album. The band had an album called Rust in 2019. Crashdïet signed with Golden Robot Records and was in the studio working on an album in late 2021, which was due out in early 2022. The band had an advance single called No Man's Land available. A European tour for May and June 2022 was also announced.


The latest diet fad doesn't come from South Beach, it comes from Sweden! The glam metal cover photograph of the band would lead one to believe that Crashdiet is a new Wrathchild or an early Tigertailz clone; instead this is a hard rock and heavy metal band. The image will probably turn and throw certain people off. It will be their loss. These Swedes are a cross between early Def Leppard, Lizzy Borden, Skid Row vocally (on the last two songs) and even incorporate a couple of Motorhead-ish guitar solos - no kidding! This is impressive stuff and melodic metal fans should not hesitate to get into the regimen by visiting Otherwise, the only advice one could give the band is to get the drum sound and mix in order for the next recording. Write to and ask to speak to Dave Lepard. Yup, these guys are very funny. - Ali "The Metallian"