A New Beginning - 2010 – Sensory
Metaphysical – 2014 – Pure Prog

S= Deep Purple, Riot, Masterplan, Ilium, The Lizards, Midas Fate>>MIKE DIMEO>>Ilium, The Lizards, Midas Fate
G= Zandelle>>RUDY ALBERT - Rooky, Mullmuzzler, James Labrie, Icefish>>MARCO SFOGLI>>Mullmuzzler, James Labrie, Icefish
B= Chris Caffery, Zandelle>>JOE BLACK

Creation’s End is the grouping of several known hard rock and AOR musicians, which entered the studio between May of 2009 and January of 2010 to record its debut with producer Neil Kernon. The album debut was issued in late 2010. The band was originally the vision of New York City's Rudolph Albert and Dario Rodriguez. The two had worked on the songs that ended up on the debut between 2003 and 2006. They were originally playing together since 1999. Friday, December 3rd, 2010 marked the live debut from NYC progressive band Creation's End. The hometown show at Manhattan's Ace Of Clubs also doubled was the CD release show for the band's debut album, A New Beginning, which was released by Sensory Records on November 9th.

Progressive metal band Creation's End announced its inclusion in the Uniting The Powers Of Metal 2011 East Coast Tour, with Seven Kingdoms and Widow, as well as a special New York City performance with Suspyre.


Creation’s End was a new name to me, and one suspects many of you, but the band is comprised of several renowned musicians and is not a group of several unknowns whose demo has caught the attention of a label. Listening to the album without knowing this makes one wonder about the sense of professionalism and smooth delivery, and no wonder since names like Mike Dimeo of Deep Purple and Masterplan and Joe Black of Chris Caffery are involved here.
The band’s sound is a mixture of Dream Theater (the band even features Marco Sfogli of James Labrie’s solo band) and Jorn. There is a progressive element riddled with keyboards and there is a rockier and grittier sound in the album. The former is clear in Of Shadow And Flame and Still Life and the latter is more obvious in Relic. One can hear some delicious Yngwie-esque guitar playing on the album’s opener Of Shadow... or on Creations’ End, the song. The licks really add to the band. Speaking of which, two of the gents have long yummy hair and really look the part. Creation’s End leans on the prog side, but is surprisingly conventional for a Sensory release. One would normally expect whacked out music from this label, which is why in comparison this band is ordinary in style. - Sheila Wes Det


Creation’s End