Wretched Illusions – 2019 - eOne

S= Sepsis, Laughter, Blood Play>>REESE ALAVI>>Sepsis, Laughter, Blood Play
G= End Times, Kept In Line>>TREY PEMBERTON>>End Times, Kept In Line – Kombat, Torture Tomb>>A.J. ROSS III>>Kombat, Torture Tomb
D= Exploder, The Lung, Facing Worlds, Fuming Mouth, Survival Method, Kombat, Character Assassin, Holy Order>>LINCOLN MULLINS>>Survival Method, Kombat, Character Assassin, Holy Order

Here is a crossover band that does not care for creativity or innovation. The band’s monicker is nicked from Metallica, which is embarrassing on its own, without care that groups called Creeping Death and Creepin’ Death are already out there.

The band was founded in Texas in 2015. A song called Meant To Bleed was uploaded before the track became part of the Demo 2015. Sacrament Of Death was a 2016 demo. Specter Of War was a 2018 demo again re-released by Killing A Sound Records. The band and eOne signed a deal and out came Wretched Illusions in late 2019. The band had already begun shedding members by this time. A.J. Ross III joined in 2020. The band was on a limited edition VHS video of a livestreamed show with Frozen Soul and Devourment called Wrecking Ball Metal Madness in 2021. Cattle Decapitation, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Creeping Death and Extinction A.D. were touring the USA in January and February 2022. Creeping Death was touring in support of The Edge Of Existence EP.



Creeping Death