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History & Biography
The band was founded in 1995 and an album emerged so many years after that no one can do the math. The band was and is influenced by Swedeath. Members changed and a 2010 demo called Lullaby emerged. The New Beginning was released in 2012 and Horror Pain Gore Death signed the act. The band played Sambo Rock in 2018.


This band has the blues, the wolverine blues.
As such, and by all rights, no one at Metallian Towers should like this album. Entombed’s debut album, Left Hand Path, was original, brutal, talented and occult. The subsequent albums, Clandestine and Wolverine Blues, became progressively worse and less intense. By the time Wolverine Blues came out in 1993 Entombed was the typical former death metal band yielding to commercialism and tiring of heaviness. It is why Crepuscolo’s adherence to Swedeath and penchant for copying Entombed is not an issue, but it choosing the weaker albums of a band that by 1993 was a husk of its former self that is problematic. With that said, You Tomb ends up convincing.
How? The riffs are decent, the guttural singing is earnest, if not actually strong in a vocal sense, and the band shows off more than a mere couple of strong tracks on this record. You Tomb, the title, is obviously inspired by YouTube and down to the logo, but the references to the digital age aside (“You Tomb, You Porn, You Tomb…”) fans of the second era of Swedish death metal will get genuine pleasure out of this very underground and little-known album. The track The Fate That Life Gives even includes a Dismember-inspired lead to the listener. In need of mention is also the drumming of Lorenzo Ambrogi and the distortion on the bass of Franz Minnozzi. They certainly add to the proceedings.
In summary, this album is unoriginal, inspired by an era and development not favoured Metallian Towers, but nonetheless heavy, fast and engaging enough to garner a mark of seventy out of a hundred. There is something about the band’s delivery. – Ali “The Metallian”

Following a whirl, or ten, of the band’s new album You Tomb three members of CREPUSCOLO are on the telephone. Never heard of them? You are not alone. Like Swedeath? You should give them a shot. Yet, they are Italians. Hot on the heels of the band’s You Tomb album release through Metal Scrap Ali “The Metallian” gets the trio on the line to get some information for Metallian Towers - 09.01.2020

METALLIAN: Thanks for the interview. Can we begin by asking if Crepuscolo is the world's most underground band with albums out? Seriously, but bands with records typically have a higher profile.
CREPUSCOLO: Well, we don’t really know if Crepuscolo is the world’s most underground band, but what we know is that YouTomb is an old school death metal album and it is underground music because we play in underground clubs. We have also an underground mentality… we have a ‘90s’ idea of music and music business.

METALLIAN: Does having a ‘90s’ idea of music refer to the style of compositions or the mentality of the band and how you operate?
CREPUSCOLO: It is referred to in general. Two of three of us are older than forty-years-old. We started to play music and to go to underground concerts at least 30 years ago. We still go to rehearse at least twice per week, while many new bands prefer to rehearse alone at their own homes, connecting the instrument to a PC and sharing the songs with each other through WhatsApp or some other messenger. We absolutely need the atmosphere of the rehearsal room, the sound from the amplifiers, the acoustic drum set and the alchemy that comes out during the hours passed playing together. That’s how the band Crepuscolo intends to do music.

METALLIAN: Can you give our readers some insight into the early days and whether there were any early releases?
CREPUSCOLO: We have been playing since 1995. We had many line-up problems. That is why we have just two official albums, but through these years we recorded several EP compilations. Firstly we recorded a demo tape compilation in cassette format called Ancona Vs. Fasano. Then we participated in a compilation called Screams From Italy for the label Dawn Of Sadness in 1997, which was one of the first digitally produced CDs.

METALLIAN: Did you intend for the band's monicker to mean 'Twilight'? If so, why?
CREPUSCOLO: We decided to have an Italian monicker to differentiate ourselves from the other bands that chose an English name. It was the period when the first black metal CDs from Norway were arriving in Italy. We were interested in the atmosphere of the covers of those CDs. That is why we decided to call ourselves ‘Crepuscolo.’

METALLIAN: There is an undeniable connection between the music on You Tomb and Entombed. How do you see this?
CREPUSCOLO: Entombed is one of our favourite bands. Dismember, At the Gates, Grave, Dissection and many others are our reference bands, but we take our inspiration from other bands too like Behemoth, Amon Amarth and Slayer. Our sound is a mix of the Swedish sound - referring to the guitars’ and bass’ style - with an American thrash style for the drums.

METALLIAN: Let us get into an argument then. Everyone knows that Entombed badly wimped out between Left Hand Path and Wolverine Blues. How much do you agree with this obvious and indisputable fact?
CREPUSCOLO: (Thinks)… well it’s indisputable that there is a great change between those two albums, but beyond the fact that we love both albums this change should be seen as an evolution of sounds, interests and style. The first is a typical death metal album. The second one is work of death and roll and is very well played and with very good taste and technique.

METALLIAN: Returning to the current album, given the most recent album's title and its design how worried were you about being sued by the evil giant American corporation?
CREPUSCOLO: We take inspiration from many things around us. It is impossible to do something today that has not already done by someone else. We simply have a different view.

METALLIAN: So you do not fear a lawsuit from Google?
CREPUSCOLO: (Laughs) … it sounds like a threat! We have just taken inspiration from a logo, but we adapted it into our need. I am sure they have something more important to do.

METALLIAN: Indeed like trading on people’s privacy. Specifically and thematically what is You Tomb in fact referencing?
CREPUSCOLO: You Tomb is dedicated to the all apathetic kings of nothing that waste their lives in front of a PC monitor, a tablet or a smart phone digitally doing something that could be done in the real life such as going to a concert, chatting with someone, meeting new people, doing sports and so on. Today people are comfortable, they prefer being closed at home in their little den thinking they are safe and living their life with the conviction that they can do the same thing they could do outside. That is not true at all. That is why you can see even less young people playing football at the park, riding their bicycles, less metal heads attending underground concerts… It’s a shame!

METALLIAN: Speaking of finer things, there is a fine guitar solo on The Fate That Life Gives. Could you say a couple of words about this cool lead?
CREPUSCOLO: We wanted to create a ‘second moment’ at the end of a very speedy and frenetic song referring also to the lyrics. The first part is sung and is very heavy. It talks about how life is and that even if life is hard and always tries to sap your power you are stronger then the scars the life gives. The second part is more melodic and means that there is a bitter awareness of this.

METALLIAN: What is your relationship with Metal Scrap, which released the record? How did the band and label find one another and is there a long-term contract?
CREPUSCOLO: When we were recording You Tomb we were also looking for a good label, which was interested in our music and publishing our full-length. A friend of us had signed with Metal Scrap for his CD and we asked some information about it. He said that he was happy and satisfied about his choice so we contacted Metal Scrap’s staff and our cooperation started. We are very happy. The label is doing a great job promoting You Tomb. We take this opportunity to thank Metal Scrap for everything. We are working on some new stuff and riffs. We will talk to Metal Scrap when we have concrete songs to see if the label is still interested in a second production. We will discuss it in the future.

METALLIAN: Finally an obvious question for you guys. It is not just the metal world that celebrates Metallian. The entire universe acknowledges Metallian as the best website that ever was and ever will be. How do you see this situation?
CREPUSCOLO: We had the opportunity to be in contact with many webzines. Metallian is one of the best because readers can find both the experience and passion, many interesting topics and it is well curated. It’s very important for Crepuscolo to appear on Metallian. The underground needs people like you.

Thanks goes to the three members for the answers. Visitors may find more at

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