Sinister Scenario - 1997 - Head Not Found
The Ogress - 1999 - Listenable
Project Regeneration - 2000 - Listenable
Evil Knows Evil - 2004 - My Kingdom
Give Us The Power To Do Your Evil - 2007 - My Kingdom
In The Presence Of Death - 2013 - My Kingdom
Welcome The Dead – 2016 – My Kingdom

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Conception>>Ingar Amlien - Conception>>Roy Khan - Pale Forest>>Kristin Fjellseth - Conception>>INGAR AMLIEN>>Conception

Conception>>Ingar Amlien - Akke - REBO [THOMAS REBOLI BJERKE] - Djevelkult>>Jan Fredrik Solheim>>Djevelkult

Conception>>INGAR AMLIEN

Nils H.Mæhlum - Conception>>Arve Heimdal - Fredløs - Fimbulvinter, The Flesh, Sjodogg, Enthral>>KJETIL HEKTOEN>>Enthral, Sjodogg, Legion

Lars Christian Narum - Jan Petter Ringvold - KRISTIAN WENTZEL

History & Biography
Crest Of Darkness was formed by ex-Conception bassist Ingar Almein. The first official release was 1996's Quench My Thirst EP on Head Not Found Records of Norway. The line-up was Almein on bass and guitar, Lars Christian Narum on keyboards and drummer Nils H. Maehlum. The same trio recorded the debut full-length.

The band next signed to France's Listenable Records and recruited vocalist Kristin Fjellseth, vocalist Roy Khan and Arne Heimdal. Project Regeneration meant more line-up changes and featured Kristin Fjellseth on vocals, guitarist Akke, drummer Frekkøs and keyboardist Ringvold. In 2003, the band featured Enthral's Hektoen on drums. The band's fourth album, Evil Knows Evil, came out in January of 2004 and was the first on My Kingdom Music. The band was recording its fifth album, Give Us The Power To Do Your Evil, in late 2006 with producer Giuseppe Orlando. Simultaneously, the band asked guitarist Akke to leave and replaced him with new man Rebo.

Crest Of Darkness’ In The Presence Of Death was out on February 25th, 2013 through My Kingdom Music. It was six years following its predecessor.



Crest Of Darkness