The God We Drowned – 2008 - Casket
The Wretched Eidola – 2011 – Ultimhate
Come Forth Plague – 2013 – Metal Hell
Prophet's Breath – 2015 - Deepsend
Relics – 2018 - LongLife


S= Adversary, Panzerchrist>>Magnus Jørgensen>>Panzerchrist – Descensus, Scaffold, Mordax, The Petulant>>ASBJÖRN STEFFENSEN>>Scaffold, Mordax, The Petulant
G= Compos Mentis, Adversary, Illdisposed>>Ken Holst>>Illdisposed – At The Grave, Demolition Inc., Die, Slow Death Factory, Panzerchrist>>RASMUS HENRIKSEN>>At The Grave, Demolition Inc. – Decrial, Slugs>>TOMMY CHRISTENSEN
B= Demolition Inc., Illdisposed>>ONKEL KUSSE>>Demolition Inc., Illdisposed
D= Compos Mentis, Phantom>>ANDREAS POSSELT>>Compos Mentis, Phantom


The band was founded in Aarhus in 2007. The Denmark-based death metal act Crocell signed a deal with Metal Hell Records in late 2012. Magnus Jørgensen had left the act. The band’s next album was to be released in 2013. The album would be recorded at Death Island Studios in Nykøbing Mors with producer Marco Angioni. Denmark-based death/black metal band Crocell released a video for Once Called Slaves in 2018. The song was taken from the Relics album, which was recorded during the band’s ten-year anniversary in 2017. It was released through LongLife Records on March 16th.