Blind Faith Loyalty - 2009 - Cruz Del Sur

G= Sinning Is Our Savior>>DAVID E. GEHLKE>>Sinning Is Our Savior - Sinning Is Our Savior>>JOE BONADDIO>>Sinning Is Our Savior
B= Shaun Gunter
D= Kevin Antonacci

Pittsburgh is the scene for a power metal band that took its name from a Suidakra song, Crown The Lost from 2003’s Signs For The Fallen. Formed in April, 2005 the band issued a full-length demo called Reverence Dies Within in 2006. The group signed with Italy’s Cruz Del Sue label in October of 2008 and issued its debut in 2009. By this time, the band had lost several bassists and drummers. In fact, by the time of the album’s release bassist former guitarist Dom Scarano replaced Gunter. Pennsylvania thrashers Crown The Lost lost drummer Kevin Antonacci to his work and school in September of 2009. The band was looking for a replacement and could be contacted via Crown The Lost next parted ways with bassist Dom Scarano and replaced him with Grave Desire’s Tim Boyle. Grave Desire featured Mantic Ritual member Dave Watson.

Gehlke worked at Inside Out Music USA, Metal Maniacs and Blistering Magazine. Bonnadio initially also sang for the band.


Well, well, well what do you know? Here is the type of album we like at Metallian Towers. Blind Faith Loyalty is pure heavy metal without exception. From the start of Defame The Hypocrites to Blind Faith Loyalty the five young lads from USA sustain the force for one very simple reason. Unlike most of their contemporaries, Crown The Lost is not about maximizing the amount of melody in its music. In fact, the essentially power metal music leans towards thrash metal with a good dosage of heavy armageddon metal. While the music is heavy as lead; it is also interesting benefiting from leads (yes, the band has those too), gallops, pounding drums, speed and a modicum of shredding. The melody is not lost however. Indeed, singer Chris Renaldi is of the higher register variety moving loftily somewhere between King Diamond and Geoff Tate with a vibe of his own. These are intermingled with a fair order of growls providing for further heaviness ammunition. A requisite lack of distinction among the songs is perhaps a spoiler in an otherwise impressive setting. If the band applied a little more speed things might have reached near heights achieved on Agent Steel’s Unstoppable Force. Unfortunately, there is a little too much modern melody here for that.
For bonus points the Americans - yes, Americans - mock, attack and scold religion. The titles and the cover artwork easily give it away. They might pick up on religion when feeble (say around the age of fifty five), but for now there is a streak of intellectuality running in those veins. - Ali “The Metallian”


Crown The Lost