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Life Of Dreams - 1986 - Combat
Beast On My Back - 1988 - Combat

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History & Biography
The Crumbsuckers got its name when Gary Meskil observed a fellow student eat voraciously off his tray at school.

Crumbsuckers was a NYC frontrunner crossover band formed in in 1982. The band frequented clubs like CBGB's and L'Amour in NYC and was courted by Megaforce Records. The band recorded a tape informally called The Crumbsucker Cave in 1983. Guitarist Lenihan joined in 1985. Singer Dave Brady was replaced by Chris Notaro. At one point the band had Kirk Hammett of Metallica play a song live with it at CBGB's. Two of the members went on to form Pro-Pain. Beast On My Back was supported through a tour including shows with Sacred Reich and Pantera. The band hit Europe with Onslaught. Upon returning home the band fired singer Haggerty. A Craig Allen replaced him. As big a change was the adoption of a new name, Heavy Rain. This hard rock act failed to last beyond a year.

Predictably, the band announced it will reunite for a show in the summer of 2006 to mark the 20th anniversary of its Life Of Dreams album. Original members participating would be Chris Notaro (vocals), guitarist Chuck Lenihan (Genitorturers), bassist Gary Meskil (Pro-Pain) and drummer Dan Richardson (Life Of Agony, Pro-Pain and Stereomud). Another reunion show was at the Black N’ Blue Bowl Festival in New York in 2015. Notaro was on vocals.