Corporal Punishment - 1993 - Noise

Crusher image
S= Cubensis>>CRASS [MICHAËL DA SILVA]>>Cubensis

G= Pierre Goldbach - Pascal Thomas

B= Raphael Jouguet

D= Charly Moniz>>Sleath

History & Biography
Existing under their old name from 1987 to 1992, the band released the demos Frayeurs Or Die and A Step Forward. The band released the Collective Hypnosis demo as Crusher and got a deal with Noise. Thereafter came a tour with Protector. Act II: Undermine! was a 1993 EP through Semetery Records. Act III: The 1992-1993 Reissues was a 2015 compilation. The band had split up in 1995, but reformed in 2014. Erik Escoffier was on guitar and only Crass remained from the original line-up.

Act III: The 1992-1993 Reissues was a 2015 compilation through Overpowered Records. The Other Sides (Rare and Unpublished) was an independent compilation in 2021 that included more recent material. The group was booked for the DirtN’Dust show in 2023.