Revolution – 2013 – Stay Gold

Crying Machine image
S= Emerald Aisles, Knock ‘Em Dead>>HILE>>Knock ‘Em Dead

G= Solo, Silex, Mardelas>>MASHA [MASAYUKI OKAMURA]>>Solo, Silex, Mardelas

B= Aldious, Manipulated Slaves>>FUKO MATSUNE>>Manipulated Slaves

D= Asa Young - Shun


History & Biography
Crying Machine, an Osaka-based melodic hard rock band, was founded by guitarist Masha in April 2009. The same year brought the Demo Tracks. Demo Tracks 2 followed and similarly seemed to use a postcard as a cover. Fuko joined in 2010. The 2011 demo Hundred Voltage was not recorded at Abbey Road, but at Abby Music Studio this one in Osaka. The group opened for Light Bringer. Solo guitarist Rie was a live musician for the band in 2011. The postcard took an ominous turn with the 2012 demo The Time Has Come and the gang opened for Blindman. This lead to the band’s debut album. The band issued its own two-track CD in 2015 before disbanding in February. The band undertook a farewell tour of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Hiro had replaced Shun. The quintet got together for a one-off show in 2019.



Crying Machine