On The Prowl - 1987 - LM
The Steel Is Back - 2007 - My Graveyard
Time Stands Steel - 2013 - My Graveyard
Stay Steel – 2018 – Pride & Joy

Crying Steel image
S= Luca Bonzagni>>Anims, Krell - Stefano Palmonari>>Blindrage – Eurock>>MIRKO BACCHILEGA

G= FRANCO NIPOTI – Wurdulak, Solo, Death SS, Steve Sylvester, Midway, Malavida>>Alberto Simonini>>Solo, Death SS, Steve Sylvester, Midway, Malavida – Midway, Alberto Simonini>>Massimiliano Magagni – JJ FRATI



History & Biography
The band was formed in 1982 and issued five demos in four years. Several members had a Wurdulak pedigree. A self-titled EP was issued in 1985. The band disappeared in 1990. The group reunited in 2003. A demo appeared in 2006. Stefano Palmonari joined in 2009. It was announced that Crying Steel would release its next album Time Stands Steel through My Graveyard Productions on April 22nd, 2013. This new album comes out six years after The Steel Is Back album.

Crying Steel’s Steel Alive albums were out through Jolly Roger Records in 2019. Crying Steel’s album was a reprint of the first two albums and unreleased live tracks on a double CD. The first disc featured the first two releases Crying Steel (1985) and On the Prowl (1987) completely remastered. The second disc contained all the songs from Crying Steel and On the Prowl performed live. These were recorded to commemorate the band’s 30th anniversary in 2016. God Is A Witness was the demo of Italy-based act Anims in 2021, which featured former Danger Zone and Crying Steel guitarist Francesco Di Nicola. The group also featured bassist Elio Caia, drummer Diego Emiliani and Crying Steel singer Luca Bonzagni. There was a single called Freedom.



Crying Steel