Chapter 1 - 2002 - Underground Symphony
Blood, Guts & Glory - 2003 - LMP
In Thy Power - 2005 - LMP
Immortal - 2008 - Metal Heaven
Into The Glorious Battle – 2017 – Scarlet
Deliverance – 2018 - Scarlet

Cryonic Temple image
Johan Johansson - Mindscape>>Magnus Thurin - MATTIAS LILJA

Leif Collin – Anchor Head, Lanneret>>ESA AHONEN>>Anchor Head, Lanneret – Methane>>MARKUS GRUNDSTRÖM>>Methane

Jan J Cederlund>>Sky Of Rage - Björn Wildjärn Svensson>>Lancer, Evilon - Thobbe Englund>>ROLAND WESTBOM>>Thobbe Englund

Sebastian Olsson - Hans Karlin>>Letters From The Colony, Methane - MICKE DAHLKVIST

Janne Soederlund - MATTIAS LILJA

History & Biography
Borlänge-based Cryonic Temple was established in 1996 by several Iron Maiden fanatics and spent 1997 to 2000 issuing demos with titles like Seasons In Hell, Jailbird or Before The End. The latter was produced by erstwhile Dismember drummer Fred Estby. The proliferate recorders signed to Underground Symphony for a full-length and showcased their brand of hard and heavy. The group appeared at Sweden Rock Festival 2002 and Headbangers Open Air 2003 in Germany as well as at smaller local shows. Immortal (out in November) was the first album featuring new singer Thurin. Drummer Hans Karlin returned to Cryonic Temple in late 2009. The band was entering the studio to record a new album in January 2010. Instead, aside from Ahonen, the line-up saw a complete turnover.

The band was recording a new album in 2021. The band played a concert with Crown in 2022, but also appeared at Sabaton Open Air in that summer.



Cryonic Temple