Convicted - 1986 - Death
Money Talks - 1987 - Metal Blade
Stream Of Consciousness - 1988 - Metal Blade
Speak Your Peace - 1990 - Metal Blade

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Ruined>>Bill Crooks [Bill Treadway]>>Ruined, D.R.I.


Ruined, DRI>>Bill Crooks [Bill Treadway]>>Ruined, DRI

Scott Peterson>>Excel, Black Monday - Wehrmacht, Sweaty Nipples>>Brian Lehfeldt>>Wehrmacht, Sweaty Nipples, Junior Grades, Everclear, Volcanic, TV:616

History & Biography
Born in 1994 in Santa Monica, California, Cryptic Slaughter was one of the 80's crossover bands enjoying some success next to DRI and the ilk. Fans first heard of the act through a 1985 demo called Life In The Grave. The band later moved to Oregon, USA with Les as the only original member. He was joined by musicians from Wehrmacht and Sweaty Nipples.

Ruined lived from 1991 to 1995. Everclear is the well-known rock act.

The band later reformed, but lost Crooks in the summer of 2003. The name was, consequently, changed to Below. Convicted and Money Talks were independently re-released in 2003.

F.O.A.D. Records issued a band compilation in 2013 featuring rehearsal and live tracks. In 2014, Relapse Records was reissuing two Cryptic Slaughter albums, Convicted and Money Talks, on vinyl.

The band had a reincarnation as Lowlife between 2018 and 2021 when it became Cryptic Slaughter again. Scott Peterson was back on drums. Napalm Death was touring using the Campaign For Musical Destruction monicker in the U.S.A. in the autumn of 2022. Brujeria, Frozen Soul, Cryptic Slaughter and MDC were openers in different cities.



Cryptic Slaughter