The Age Of Cataclysm - 1999 - Ars Metalli
A Coming Storm - 2003 - Massacre
Of Shadows... ...And The Dark Things You Fear - 2005 - Massacre

S= Terrible Somnium>>RONNIE DORFLERT
G= Terrible Somnium>>Alexander Pohlmann - Violation>>LARSEN BEATTIE>>Violation - Nocon>>MICHAEL SCHURGER
B= Christian Ender - Violation>>Jens Loener>>Violation - Angelus Mortis, Schattenvald>>ORLOK [NIKOLAJ RUESTE]>>Schattenvald
D= Violation, Black Harvest>>ANDREAS 'GOATIE' SCHMIDT>>Violation, Black Harvest
K= Lord Astaroth>>ANDREA WALTER>>Lord Astaroth

The band was formed as early as 1993 and underwent several line-up changes. The band had a demo called Voyage Dans La Lune, a MCD and a split EP with Lord Astaroth on Perverted Taste prior to the debut. After the recording Christian Ender left the fold followed by Alexander Pohlmann who was experiencing hearing difficulties. The band plays metal with keyboards. Terrible Somnium was a thrash metal band. Less than a year after the debut the band and label stopped working together. Goatlord soon took over the band's drum stool.

A Coming Storm was released through Massacre Records in the summer of 2003. The band also sought a bassist following Loener's departure. The new bassist Gary Kietz (also of Violation) had also become injured and was not able to play for the foreseeable future. Cryptic Wintermoon was invited to play at the Wacken Open Air in the same summer.

The recording for Of Shadows And The Dark Things You Fear began in 2004, but the album was only mastered in January of 2005. The disc was released in the spring of 2005. The Fear CD of 2009 was a demo.


If Cryptic Wintermoon's new album is proposing to scare us then it can consider the mission futile. What the new full-length of the Germans does achieve successfully is bring a number of styles from the metal umbrella unto one disc. Be it speed metal, thrash metal, Dissection, Bathory or Crematory, Cryptic Wintermoon has it programmed, encoded and ready to go. None of it hits a home-run though with the keyboards and lack of commitment being major impediments.
When asked, do people favour pure foods, ores, feelings or do they prefer gold with a little bit of zinc in it? Or perhaps meat with a little sawdust? How about water with a little vinegar mixed in? Will the pure band pass the test of time or the blended one which has adapted a little bit of many styles? Posterity will judge.
In the meanwhile, Of Shadows... is a real jumble of underground styles, with the keyboards of Andrea and general lack of winners in the song line-up being show-stoppers. - Ali "The Metallian"


Cryptic Wintermoon