World Of Myths - 1993 - Adipocere

Crypt Of Kerberos image
S= Macrodex>>Christian Eriksson

G= PETER PETERSSON>>Arcana, Sophia - Eternal Darkness>>Jonas Strandell>>Bastard

B= Stefan Karlsson

D= MATTIAS BORGH>>The Wood Ensemble

K= Jessica Strandell>>Play Dough, Bastard, Band Jolle

History & Biography
The band was Formed in 1990 in Eskilstuna, Sweden. More than likely the most popular band on Adipocere, Crypt Of Kerberos toyed with variable and exciting techno-death metal that had a knack for originality. The band issued a single in 1992 (AR004), featuring the songs Cyclone Of Insanity and The Ancient War, before releasing its one and only album through France's Adipocere Records.

Jessica was inducted into the band in 1992. Guitarist Johan Hallgren joined the band, to replace Jonas Strandell, in 1993 after the recording of the album. He ended up in the progressive band Pain Of Salvation. Hallgren was also involved in Infester alongside later CoK bassist Marcus Pedersén. Jessica and Stefan also quit the band soon. In 1994 Christian was replaced by Daniel Gildenlöv, later of Pain Of Salvation.

In late 2004, Australia's Bleed Records announced a CD of the band with the early demos, 7" EP's and some stuff recorded after World Of Myths. Early 2006 was the time when the band officially reunited and began working on newer songs. The band was last heard from in 2004 via a compilation CD. Pulverised Records announced the signing of '90s avant-garde metal band Crypt Of Kerberos in the spring of 2010. The band's follow-up to 1993's World Of Myths album was tentatively due before the end of the year. Instead in 2012, Pulverised Records would reissue World Of Myths. It was initially released in 1993 through Adipocere Records. The new edition included additional liner notes, demo recordings and pictures. Temple Of Darkness issued an EP called Into The Ruins.

Kerberos was a three-headed hound of Greek mythology that protected Hades.



Crypt Of Kerberos