Choirs Of Immortal - 2006 - Pure Steel
Hellmade - 2013 - Massacre
Decadence Deluxe – 2018 - Pride & Joy

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S= Natasa Pandreia>>Dimorfia – Crystal Eyes, Artillery, Maladaptive, Fury, Dignity, Serpent Saints, Inmoria>>Søren Nico Adamsen>>Fury, Dignity, Serpent Saints, Denied

G= Dimitris Goutziamanis>>Astral Crossing - KOSTAS SOTOS - MATT NAGY

B= Stratos Dionisopoulos>>Sklerotikz - ALEX HAMALIDIS

D= Futureless, Mentally Insane>>CHRISAFIS TANTANOZIS>>Mentally Insane

History & Biography
Crystal Tears was formed in the Macedonia region of Greece in 1997. The demos Skies Of Eternity, Promoworks and Embrace The Horror followed in 1999, 2000 and 2002 respectively. Pure Steel Records issued the band’s Choirs Of Immortal in 2006.

Crystal Tears then picked Hellmade as the title for its next album, which was out in 2013 through Massacre Records. The album was recorded with producer Roberto Dimitri Liapakis. Søren Nico Adamsen had joined on vocals in 2012. Only the band’s rhythm section was intact since the debut. Singer Antony Hämäläinen joined in 2019. He was formerly in Nightrage.


I don't know why the band have written 'promotional copy' all over this CD with their markers. Maybe they figure I will soon try to sell it to the used record store? Maybe they suspect I will auction it on ebay for $100? Or maybe they don't want me to scan the jacket for a review? Silly matters aside Crystal Tears hail from Greece and reveal their influences without a veil of any kind. The singers are clearly trading off Stratovarius singing and Manowar screams. The music is occasionally very close to Iron Maiden (the lead off track is pure Maiden) and at other times (I guess I am now being repetitious) follows the path of Iced Earth. The production is above average for a demo and the nine songs last forty minutes which is very good value for money. What's more four out of the five guys have long hair which always helps, you know? to contact, look or buy. - Sheila Wes Det


Crystal Tears