Kingdoms Of Your Life - 1999 - Belphegor
For My King - 2000 - Bo
Wheels Of Time - 2005 - Mausoleum
Forces Remain - 2008 - Dr. Music
Infested By Anger – 2012 – Pure Steel
A Realm Of Tales – 2017 - Pure Steel


S= Michael Marquardt - Avalanche>>Guido Brieke - Final Chapter, Drop Out, The Armada>>OLIVER STRASSER>>Final Chapter
G= Anlauf>>Karsten Knüppel - Sven Horsini - Phalanx>>Holger Simon – Seventh Gate, Infernal Curse>>CARSTEN "OSCAR" REICHART - Robert Resinek - Fairytale>>STEFAN KLEMPNAUER>>Fairytale
B= Achtlos>>Jens Schröder>>Achtlos – Chinchilla>>Michael "Magga" Marquardt - Seventh Gate>>MARKUS BERGHAMMER
D= Seventh Gate>>CHRIS KLAPPER>>Seventh Gate
K= Grand Grimoire>>Micha Popp - Damaged Justice>>Ron Michel>>Damaged Justice


Drummer Chris Klapper formed the oddly named Custard in November of 1987 as a thrash metal act. The band failed to make an impression and band members came and went. A demo called Signa Inferre was issued in 1992 and the band began incorporating more melody into its compositions. The band even featured a keyboardist at this point. A new line-up recorded a MCD called God Of Storm and the boys opened for Skyclad and played at Wacken. An album called Kingdoms Of Your Life was recorded for Belphegor Records and more touring ensued. With the bankruptcy of Belphegor the band signed to the equally obscure Bo Records and issued For My King. With the turn of the century the band suffered more defections.

Wheels Of Time was issued in 2005 through Belgium's Mausoleum Records. Knüppel had been taught by former Kreator guitarist Frank Blacksmith. The band left Mausoleum Records and signed with Dr. Music instead in the middle of 2008. The group's new album, Forces Remain, was out soon thereafter featuring a completely revamped line-up leaving only drummer Klapper standing. Robert Resinek left in 2009.


Add Custard to the list of great power metal listens and get ready to raise your fists in approval. Wheels Of Time and its fitting cover art are everything fans of Gamma Ray, early Helloween or Freedom Call need. The band is melodious, fast and heavy and has a pounding rhythm section. Guido Brieke has a great melody in his voice and hits the mid to high pitches. He also hits all the right notes. The band gallops through songs like Wheels Of Time, Sunrise, Lost Forever and Scared and by the time it is done any fan of Teutonic speed metal is going to be asking for more. Shine On is notable for its good harmony and better main melody. Fade Out is wild with its mega screaming, nice riff and rhythm guitar. The album's best song is probably Inner Void though with its driving structure which is very reminiscent of Helloween's Walls of Jericho album. Wheels Of Time is bursting with good metal and it is time bands like these get their due instead of hardcore crap that is pushed by labels and espoused by colour cover glossy toilet paper. - Ali "The Metallian"