Die Tonight - 1984 - Mausoleum
Heroes- 1985 - Mausoleum
Regeneration -1998 - Music Area

Cutty Sark image
S= Mayday>>CONNY SCHMITT>>G(e)nom

G= Uwe Coassmann

B= Helge Maier - TORSTEN PITZ>>G(e)nom

D= Stonehenge, Firebird>>MIKKI SCHMITT>>Stonehenge, Firebird, Twilight Passion

History & Biography
Cutty Sark was a German band playing heavy metal a la Grave Digger and Gravestone between 1977 and 1987. The group toured with Fact in 1985. The band also released a 1983 EP called Hard Rock Power. This was issued on their manager Herr Gelhausen's imprint. Mausoleum would go belly up and Uwe Coassmann departed. Patrick Stiepel was brought in, but the formation did not last.

They also reunited in 1997 for one album before sailing away again.

Cutty Sark was a Scottish cllipper ship known for its speed whose name was inspired by a witch in a poem by Scottish poet Robert Burns.



Cutty Sark