Deadwork - 2012 – Abyss
Eschaton – 2021 – Black Lion

S= Stefan Hagström – Sanity Assassin>>P-O WESTER>>Sanity Assassin
G= Sanity Of Impiety, Sanity Assassin>>P-O WESTER>>Sanity Of Impiety, Sanity Assassin – Sanity Of Impiety, Sanity Assassin>>JÖRGEN PERSSON>>Sanity Of Impiety, Sanity Assassin
B= Knife In Christ>>MARTIN PUDAS
D= Flagellant, Grift>>Johan Hallbäck>>Flagellant, Grift – Shade Of Black, Knife in Christ, Apostasy, Those Who Bring The Torture, Mortuus>>DAVID EKEVÄRN>>Mortuus

Umeå, Sweden's death metal band Daemonicus made its album, Deadwork, available through Abyss Records. The band was formed in 2006. Host Of Rotting Flesh debut was issued in May of 2009. Whimsically, or realistically, the band’s debut demo from 2006 was called Demo From Hell. Demon Inside demo was also out in 2006. 2007 had brought the Swarm Of Death demo. A 2019 demo upload was called Shepherd Of The Flock. Stefan Hagström left in 2019.