Daemusinem Domine Empire - 2002 - Cold Blood Industries
Diabolical Carnage - 2008 - Vrykoblast
Thy Ungodly Defiance - 2017 - Willowtip

Daemusinem image
Uncreated>>Gianni Abrardi - Grimwald, In Corpore Mortis, Infected, Putridity, Outergod>>ETTORE "DOC" IACOMUZIO>>Grimwald, Infected, Putridity, Outergod

Uncreated>>Patrick Zavanese>>Entirety, Tenebre - My People's Suicide, Vinterfrost, In Corpore Mortis, Phenris>>Agony [Diego Brossa] - Frank Vermin [Franco Carella] - Adversam, Natassievila, Putridity>>PAOLO "PANINO" SABBIA>>Adversam, Natassievila, Putridity - Blasphemer, Concrete Block, Putridity, Necrotomia, Mind Snare, Bribe>>ANDREA "CICCIO" AIMONE>>Putridity, Necrotomia, Mind Snare, Bribe

Uncreated>>Patrick Zavanese - My People's Suicide, Tipheret, Mind Snare, Adversam>>ROBERTO SIGGIA>>Adversam

Mortuary Drape, Black Flame, Glorior Belli, Disiplin>>Massimo Altomare>>Black Flame, Glorior Belli, Disiplin, Dead to This World, Janvs, Hate Profile, Lymph Of Wisdom, Opera IX, Totenheer - Adversam, Nefarium, Res Divina, Rotten Gore, Aivarim>>Summum Algor>>Adversam, Rotten Gore, Aivarim, Silem, Torvara, Natassievila, Juno Bloodlust, Tipheret, Anguis Dei, Falhena, Tenebrae Oboriuntur, Corvus Black Hole - Maelstrom, Maldoror, Thee Maldoror Kollective>>LUCA PASQUINI


History & Biography
Former Uncreated members Patrick Zavanese and Gianni Abrardi formed the group in 1999. Gianni Abrardi departed in 2003. Zavanese departed in 2013. The group’s first demo was Darkside Dimension of 2003. Several promotional demos followed the band’s album despite having signed to Cold Blood Industries of Henry Sattler of God Dethroned for three albums. The label, in fact, bit the dust. A couple of members departed due to the loss of a record contract and personal issues and the act split up. Yet, the reformation would come as early as 2004. The band split up again in April of 2004. The inevitable return came in 2005 and a Promo 2005 was also recorded. As of 2007 the band’s line-up stood as Patrick Zavanese and F. Vermin - guitar, Summum Algor - drum, Diego - bass and Archaon - vocals. Summum Algor would go on to become one of those drum stools-for-hire years later.

Diabolical Carnage was issued through Vrykoblast Productions of Singapore. D.O.C. was on vocals. Agony was on bass. Crossecution was again a demo in 2012. It was never actually released. Again, five years passed and the act released a new record on a new label. Once again, the line-up had changed. This record was a concept album regarding a mediaeval revolutionary mentioned in the Italian novel, The Name Of The Rose. The band played a show called La Festa Della Cava in 2019 and went silent.

The name of the band refers to the Musinè mountains of Italy and demons that supposedly inhabit it.