Completely Devoted - 2001 - Cudgel Agency

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ANDY [ANDRZEJ PAKOS]>>Squash Bowls - Reinfection>>BAYN [MARCIN REJMER]>>Reinfection


Melon - Monev, Sparagmos>>Sivy [Krzysztof Bentkowski]>>Antigama, Hesbollah, Wóda I Pety

History & Biography
Andy and Melon were part of the founding line-up of death metal band Damnable back in May of 1992. Following the recruitment of Bayn the band released a rehearsal tape and participated in the FMR Jarocin Festival in 1994.

August, 1994 brings forth the Obsession Pain demo. Damnable toured Poland in 1996 with Deranged and released Imperdition on tape. Italy's Cryptic Soul Production never fulfilled its promise to release the Imperdition tape of 1996 on CD.

1998 meant a split album with Incarnated on Novum Vox Mortis. This after T&M released a split 7" of the band with Haemorrhage.

Melon left the death metal act and was replaced by the tourist Sivy. A four-way split CD on Relapse was released in 2000 - actually featuring the band's earlier Inperdition EP. Sivy left the band and the act signed with Cudgel Agency in 2001 on the strength of a new promo tape. In 2001 the band toured with Vulgar Degenerate and plays the Fuck The Commerce IV festival in Germany. The end came in 2004.


Picked this little underground dittie up at Toronto's Metal Market and it almost brought the tower down - not really, for The Metallian Tower is unassailable you mere mortal fools. Comprised of a dozen songs from these two little-known Polish bands, the split CD kicks in as it ends: in a massive power surge. While the cautionary note here would be the less than perfect sound for both bands - most probably respective demos on CD - I can assure you that if death metal/grindcore of full authenticity is your cup of phlegm, neither of these bands will disappoint. By the same token Damnable (Side The Futuristic Trial of Mankind) and Incarnated (Side Atrocious Vermin) are very different bands. I will not go as far as deifying this, but Damnable who get nine tracks to their name have one of the fastest blasts (hell, the whole song) I have ever had the pleasure to altar dive to. Fans of Miasma and early Monstrosity know what I am speaking of when I say Damnable up the ante in the speed for speed's sake sweep stakes - and that is explicitly a compliment. Incarnated have more down tuned sound akin to Austria's Disharmonic Orchestra (early) or Sweden's Crematory. But what got me was how similar to early Grave the band's solos are. Comparing Incarnated and early Grave, the bands share the same sound and style of lead guitaring which probably is not exactly a coincidence. Fans of the early death/ grindcore will no doubt worship these agents of metal. All in all then more than bargain for money and here's to hearing more from these bands soon! - Ali "The Metallian"