Violent Emotion – 1988 – Mandrake Root

Dancer image
S= Anthem>>TOSHIHITO ‘TONY’ MAEDA>>Finger, Groove Master, Ello, TYO
G= TAIJI FUJIMOTO>>Solo, Dirty Trashroad, D.T.R., Groove Master, Judy And Mary, Prototype, Jill’s Project
D= Shinsuke Ogawa>>Nadia – Veil>>TAKUO MAEDA>>ノストラダムス

Despite the name the Tokyo, Japan-based band played heavy metal and was active between 1985 and 1989. The band issued a Demo in 1986. Toshihito Maeda was the singer, founder Taiji Fujimoto was on guitar, Kenji Watanabe was on bass, Shinsuke Ogawa was on drums and Hiro played piano. Hiro was later called a session member. Singer Maeda had joined replacing Takaaki Ichimura in 1986. Maeda had been in Anthem until 1984. Coincidentally, or not, Anthem’s 1986 album was called Tightrope and had a song called Tightrope Dancer. The demo was given away at Rockmaykan for free at the band’s August 1986 show. Mandrake Root signed the band and out came an EP called In The Beginning… in 1986. There was Kouichi Yamazaki on bass, but more importantly the band had dumped the keyboardist. This sold 10,000 copies in short order. A live video was called Break Down Story – Live In Nichifutsu Kaikan in 1987. It was shot in Tokyo. The band’s debut full-length arrived in 1988. Another live video, this one called Last Stand – Final Live Video, was fatalistic and appeared in 1989. The band has been the subject of a couple of compilations since its demise.

Fujimoto was called the Michael Schenker of Japan and wielded a Flying V.