When The Ravens Fly Over Me - 2006 - Det Germanske Folket
Call Of The Broken Souls - 2008 - Det Germanske Folket
All Roads Lead To Death - 2010 - Xtreem
Return To Deep Lethargy – 2012 – Unexploded
Where Fear Is Born – 2014 – Sleaszy Rider
…And All Will Be Ashes – 2016 - Sleaszy Rider
The Seventh Wandering Soul – 2018 – The Way Of The Hermit
Time To Pass Away – 2021 - Darkwoods
Fatum - 2023 - Non Serviam

Dantalion image
S= Mydgard>>Zeukram – SANGUINIST [LAGO BESADA]

G= Arkham>>Sanguinist [Lago Besada]>>Arkham – Mydgard, Adonai, LowMist>>BRAIS ‘NETZJA’ BARREIRO>>Adonai, LowMist – Witchfyre>>ANDRÉS GONZALEZ>>Witchfyre

B= Witchfyre>>Thorgrim [Pablo]>>Witchfyre – Basiliades>>FONTAN/NATNOF>>Basiliades

D= Mydgard, Witchfyre, Iron Hunter, Adonai, Mydgard, LowMist>>NAEMOTH [J.M. VILLAVERDE]>>Mydgard, Witchfyre, Iron Hunter, Adonai, Mydgard, LowMist

History & Biography
Born in 2004 the Spaniards issued a demo in 2005 before launching into full-length territory. Dantalion was formed in May, 2004 from the ashes of the black metal band Mydgard. The line-up featured Zeukram (vocals), Netzja (guitars) and Naemoth (drums). Thorgrim joined in 2005. The vocalist left after the second album in 2008 and replaced by Sanguinist. The new man also becomes the second guitarist. The band’s All Roads Lead To Death album was out in late 2010 through Xtreem Music. The band was seeking a label to re-issue its first two recordings. Sanguinist handed the guitar to Andres in 2013. The Seventh Wandering Soul was limited to 66 CDs. Fatum, which was issued in September 2023, was supported through a video for the song Novena Wake Begins.