De La Mano De La Muerte - 2005 - Khaosmaster
Pagano - 2008 - Cruz Del Sur
Seven Years of Battle – 2011 – Stormspell
We Don’t Fear Your God – 2013 – Inframundo
Venancio – 2015 – Barbarian Wrath

S= Power Lord, Nimrod, Narval>>ERICO “LA BESTIA” MORALES>>Nimrod, Narval
G= JOEL CARRASQUILLO - Errant Society, Narval, Solvo Animus>>DENNIS TORRES>>Narval, Solvo Animus
B= Alas Negras>>Ramon De Jesus>>Alas Negras – JOSE MIGUEL VAZQUEZ
D= Omen>>Wampa Zayas>>Omen, Aura Azul, Doomlord – HECTOR “MAWIE” CRUZ

Dantesco hails from the Puerto Rico colony of the USA and subscribes to epic heavy metal since 2003. The band issued a demo in 2004 and was quickly snatched up by Khaosmaster. The band opened up for Malevolent Creation in Peurto Rico in 2005. The band was also booked for Germany’s Keep It True VI festival. Pagano was originally released independently again, however, although Cruz Del Sur soon stepped in to license it. Therion was the name of a 2019 single.


Doom, epic or just heavy metal sung in Spanish from Puerto Rico? Certainly not something that comes along every day. The first thing that is apparent is that vocals of Erico La Bestia is a like a poor man’s tenor, at the very least it needs getting used to. Musically the songs are mostly slow and mid-paced, interspersed with some acoustic segments and simple riffs and structure. Pagano features nine songs and two 'European bonus' bones, one of which, I Came From Hell, is sung in English, totaling almost 73 minutes. Obviously this quintet goes the long songs route, but most songs seem to go on without too much purpose. If there is a lyrical concept it is not immediately obvious but then the songs are in Spanish and are clearly about religion, war and other subjects most associated with epic or doom concepts. Dantesco are for times, if these times actually exist, that a play list runs out of the doom songs to play and needs something to fill some minutes, just don’t expect too much quality. - Anna Tergel