The Fall - 1998 - Remedy
Insurrection - 2000 - Remedy
The Silent Republic - 2002 - Remedy
Dark Age - 2004 - Remedy
Minus Exitus - 2007 - Remedy
Acedia - 2009 - AFM
A Matter Of Trust - 2013 - AFM

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Hansen & Friends>>EIKE FREESE>>Hansen & Friends - Holy Moses, Dragon Slayer, Annihilation Of Power, Ring of Torture, Solo, Neopera>>JÖRN SCHUBERT>>Solo, Neopera

Eternal Bliss, Into Oblivion>>Torsten Eggert - ALEX HENKE

Stormwarrior>>ANDRE SCHUMANN


History & Biography
Dark Age is a German metal band formed in 1995. The band's history goes back to 1994 when Freese, Schumann and bassist Oliver Fliegel played together.

The band recorded three songs following which Reichert joined the band. The new line-up adds the song Doom Like Lady to the aforementioned three songs and issued the result as the Doubtful Existence demo in January of 1996. Fliegel left the band in 1996, the same year that the remaining members entered the studio to re-record the demo in order to achieve a better sound. With live songs as a bonus, this tape was called Promotion Tape 96/97.

Bassist Eggert and a violinist named Sonja joined the band in 1997 and Dark Age continued to pen songs.

Eggert soon had a chance meeting with Holy Moses' Sabina Classen who invited the band into studio in order to record an album. With the album in hand, the band garnered a deal with the newly-expanded Hamburg metal shop and label Remedy Records which signed Dark Age for three albums. The Fall was released in the summer of 1998.

Insurrection was recorded in the spring of 2000 at Absurd Studio. Several German and Danish shows followed.

Beside playing the Wacken Festival in 2000, the band had also opened for acts like The Crown, Sacrilege and Temple Of The Absurd.

The Silent Republic was recorded, mixed and mastered during April and June 2002 at Stage One Studio by Andy Classen. An EP called Remonstrations was issued in 2003. Dark Age was self-produced and issued in April of 2004. The band turfed bassist Torsten Eggert in early 2006 due to the man’s time constraints. The band returned with a new album called Minus Exitus in 2007. Niklas Sundin from Dark Tranquillity created the artwork. Dark Age released its next sixth album, Acedia, on November 13th through AFM Records. The album was recorded at Eikey Studio. Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquillity did the artwork. The band’s line-up was stable from the previous record. The band subsequently went on hold. Eike joined Hansen & Friends in 2016.



Dark Age