Athena>>Athena White Rat>>DARK AVENGER - BRAZIL

Dark Avenger – 2005 – Zen
Tales Of Avalon: The Terror – 2001 - Megahard
Tales Of Avalon: The Lament – 2013 - Voice
Alive In The Dark – 2015 - Shinigami
The Beloved Bones: Hell – 2017 - Rockshots

Dark Avenger image
S= Khallice, Athena, Harllequin, Heaven's Guardian, Seventh Seal, Heaven's Guardian>>Mário Linhares>>Khallice, Harllequin, Heaven's Guardian, Seventh Seal, Heaven's Guardian

G= Osiris Di Castro – Athena>>Leonel Valdez>>Metal Nobre - Marcus Valls>>Dying Kingdom – Vougan>>HUGO SANTIAGO>>Vougan – Athena, Metal Nobre>>Leonel Valdez – Harllequin>>Jeff Castro>>Harllequin, Age Of Artemis - Caravellus, Harllequin>>GLAUBER OLIVEIRA>>Caravellus, Harllequin

B= Harllequin>>Gustavo Vieira>>Harllequin – Vougan, Achillea, Tekilahell>>GUSTAVO MAGALHÃES [GUSTAVO G ZUS]>>Vougan, Achillea, Tekilahell, Red Old Snake

D= Luciano Toledo>>Narcoze, Underpain - Rafael Dantas>>Last Rites, Dynahead – Abhorrent, Mystic, Amonicide>>Kayo John>>Mystic, Amonicide, Harllequin, Underpain

K= Rafael Galvão>>Vougan - Thomaz Galuf - Glauber Oliveira

History & Biography
This hard rock band, albeit with keyboards, was founded in 1993 after Linhares and Valdez formed Athena and grew disenchanted with it and disbanded in 2005. The band reformed in 2009 of course. The group’s first demo was called Choose Your Side... Heaven or Hell... and appeared in 1994. Zen Records issued the band’s debut. A 2003 EP, called X Dark Years, commemorated the band’s anniversary in 2003. It featured a cover version of the Manowar song, Dark Avenger. Alive In The Dark was recorded in 2003. Tales Of Avalon: The Lament was a double-CD, which was mixed by Michael Wagener. Rafael Ferreira joined the band on drums in 2017. Vocalist Mario Linhares died of a heart attack on December 22nd 2017. The group broke up.

Members in Dark Avenger changed often. Several members regrouped in Harllequin and Underpain.



Dark Avenger