Dark Forest - 2009 - Eyes Like Snow
Dawn Of Infinity - 2011 - Cruz Del Sur
The Awakening – 2014 – Cruz Del Sur
Beyond The Veil – 2016 – Cruz Del Sur
Oak, Ash & Thorn – 2020 – Cruz Del Sur

Dark Forest image
S= Cloven Hoof>>Christian Horton - Will Lowry-Scott - Wytch Hazel, Seven Sisters>>JOSH WINNARD>>Wytch Hazel, Seven Sisters

G= Jim Lees - Cloven Hoof, Grene Knyght>>CHRISTIAN HORTON>>Grene Knyght - Grene Knyght>>PATRICK JENKINS>>Grene Knyght

B= Deceptor>>Bill Clough>>Cruciamentum - Excalibur>>PAUL THOMPSON


History & Biography
Dark Forest was formed by guitarist Horton in Dudley in the West Midlands, England in 2002. Horton sang until 2009. The Succubus demo emerged in 2004. Phantoms Of The Sea and Fear Dearg followed this in 2007. A full-length, with Clough on bass, was issued in January of 2009.

Cruz del Sur Music signed Dark Forest in 2011. The band was based out of Birmingham, England. Dark Forest entered the studio on Saturday, June 18th recording its second full-length, Dawn Of Infinity, which was to be released by Cruz Del Sur Music in the autumn of 2011. In early 2013, U.K. band Dark Forest lost guitarist James Lees and replaced him with Patrick Jenkins who was with Horton in the folk project Grene Knyght. The band was working on a new album. The Awakening was supported through a video for the song Sons Of England. Josh Winnard was on vocals. Thompson was gone before 2020’s Oak, Ash & Thorn. He had departed in 2018. Ridge & Furrow was a 2022 EP. It was dubbed the band’s twentieth anniversary EP. The band had a local listening party at a local pub for it.

Dark Forest was also the name of a Canadian one-man project formed in 2003. Ecuador was not to be left behind and planted its tree in 2005.



Dark Forest