Symphony Satanikka – 2002 – Modern Invasion

Darklord image


B= Destroyer

D= Manic

History & Biography
Darklord was conjured after the death of the thrash band Outrage in Adelaide, Australia in 1991 by guitarists Michael Taylor (Stormbringer) and Matthew Gillick (Nekromancer). Bassist Destroyer was also part of the band. An early demo from 1993 was called ...By The Force Of Sacred Magic rites and was recorded with a drum machine. Modern Invasion pressed the demo on CD despite being recorded on a four-track machine.

With drummer Manic in tow the band began to play live. Destroyer left in 1998. Undeterred the band began to record an album called Symphony Satanikka in August of 1999, but it was not before 2002 that the album was issued. Drummer Manic was fired during the mixing stages in 2000. A legal impediment involving Manic and the owner of the studio resulted in the album's delay. Later on a keyboardist called Jessie Van Buerden was employed and the band returned to the stage in 2003. The band was planning a new album as of 2005.


Morbid Angel stand aside! Australia's veteran black metal band Darklord is after the Morbid Angel crown with its long-delayed and belaboured full-length album Symphony Satanikka. The band has had a lot of ups and downs, but has finally managed to issue an album whose music is mostly valid. Darklord is obviously trying to be as fast, heavy and murky as possible. The vocals growl from the depths of hell, the drums blast to oblivion and titles like War In The Sky, Blood Of Angels or Ritual Infanticide speak for themselves. The difference lies in the band;'s twin guitar attack. The whole abyssic hatred is accompanied by guitar licks and fret romps one would normally associate with Apocrypha, Nitro, Dream Theater or Symphony X. The distinction helps elevate the band, although whether a band with the brutality of Mortician really needs the said effect is debatable. One aspect of the band no metal fan can support is the on and off keyboards usage which might have been utilized as a homage to Morbid Angel. In fact, one lick on the aforementioned War In The Sky outright clones the Floridians.
That Darklord is an uncommon proposition is not in doubt. The band has been in existence for nigh on 15 years and is snapping necks and breaking speed records adnauseam. The mix of progressive elements with ultra-brutal black metal is also quite interesting. The band's task is to direct its considerable talent and sense of individuality into something better framed and significant. - Ali "The Metallian"