Misanthropic Annihilation - 2005 - Autopsy Kitchen

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History & Biography
Canada’s Darkness Eternal Was formed in 1997 in Alberta, Canada by sole member George Velaetis. The man issued two demos, 2000’s Dawn Of The Suffering and 2001’s Satanchrist, before the band went into hiatus due to Velaetis’ session work with The Chasm. The man also relocated to the USA. The band had also participated in the Project Infinity compilation CD.

The man recorded an album at Sound Lab Studio and had it issued by Autopsy Kitchen Records at the end of 2005.


When it comes to one-man metal bands the choices are as slim as women with the good looks of Jennifer Connelly, but the selection is even smaller when it comes to solo acts that are actually any good.
Now, this writer would be the first to admit that the name of the ”˜band’ and the album’s title are cliché-ridden and hackneyed in this day and age of religion propagation and expansion, but fact is that bands like Darkness Eternal are probably needed more than ever for two reasons. First, acts like this are needed to counter the very same religious offensive that is currently underway. Secondly, a blackened brutal death metal disc is like a breath of fresh air after suffering the release of 50 Christian metalcore albums... just this last month!
What Canada’s George Velaetis has put together is a good old blasphemous death metal album a la Infester and Incantation with a cover artwork to match the anti-Christian lyrics. The growls and screams, the guitars and the very real drums are all played by the same man and are quite impressive. While the majority of tracks follow the formula laid out by the above-mentioned bands, Unholy Trinity, perhaps appropriately smacks of Deicide, while Thy Will Be Done injects more melody and a crazy solo into the proceedings. For All The False Promises too adds to the relative variety by contrasting the brutality against a dash of acoustic guitars.
Darkness Eternal might have little relation to originality or innovation, but as far as the thirst for heaviness and brutality goes the band has the damn thing nicely wrapped up in one fine package. - Ali “The Metallian”


Darkness Eternal