5000 Years Of Violence - 1998 - Oracle
The Violence Continuum - 2002 - Oracle
Cold War Of The Condor - 2010 - Battlegod

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RAUL ALVAREZ - Joe Olic - Diego Jesus Cavieres Silva

Zoran Mrakic>>Killrazer, Assaulter - Sean Veale>>Metreya

Marco Alvarez Garcia - Vladimir Troussov - Marco Alvarez Garcia

History & Biography
This thrash metal band’s history dates all the way back to 1992 when, as Vanadium, the group began life. The band had demos called Warrior God-King and War Of Attrition. After changing its name several years later to avoid another band with the same name the group became Dark Order, a title for a group song. The group launched into full-lengths in 1998 with 5000 Years Of Violence. The CD featured the song The Dark Order. Marco left, which lead to cancellation of several shows including a support slot to Slayer. The follow-up arrived a scant four years later. Vlad Troussov was now on drums. In the spring of 2002, Code 666's Abortus and openers Dark Order were touring across Australia. Later that year the band opened for Destruction on its The Butcher Downunder tour. Battlegod issued the last album, alongside a DVD, four years later. Another four years and Cold War Of The Condor arrived. Sean Veale was on bass. Marco Alvarez Garcia was back on drums. Since the founder of the band was Chilean, the act had written a concept album based on the CIA-backed Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. InOperation Condor the Americans had plotted with the Chilean air force to bomb the presidential palace in Santiago, Chile. The band had been topical in the past as well writing about Israel’s apartheid and more.

In later 2013 the band celebrated its twentieth anniversary with a debut gig with new members Zac (Attack) Sale and Jimi MacGregor.

As of 2013 Zac Attack was on drums and Jimi MacGregor was on second guitar. The two Alvarezs are brothers.


This is a re-issue of the band’s sophomore effort originally released in 2002. Mission To The Continuum starts things off with a space ship receiving a stress signal from Earth and setting course back to help and it instantly becomes obvious where the theme or concept of The Violence Continuum lies. War Has Begun is next and is a thrashy song in the vein of Slayer’s Divine Intervention with Raul Ignacio Alvarez sounding just like Tom Araya at times too. The Terran Empire continues in the same vain but is also reminiscent of Exodus. Slaves Of A Nameless God is almost a carbon copy of the aforementioned Slayer album with a bit of Testament thrown in. En Sabah Nur ups the Testament dosage and one can almost imagine listening The New Order. S.J.N. is more Exodus again with a bit of Vio-lence. Condition Red uses Star Trek terms describing the federation at war with the Cardassians and musically it is a mix of anything and everything thrash metal. Built Of Blood, Not Stone is on the speedier side with again Slayer, Dittohead in this case, very much the inspiration. Part one of The Moby Dick Trilogy starts is Overture, a mostly acoustic song easily at home on Metallica’s Black album. Blood Of The Sea takes a sharp turn towards Manowar and is not very effective. Once More Unto The Breach closes off the Moby Dick trio of songs and the album with a mix of the epic-like and speedier components before it and a long traditional heavy metal solo thrown in for good measure.
For buying into this re-release the buyer is also treated to video clips of The Terran Empire and Slaves Of The Nameless God and a slideshow, all found on the second side of a double sided disc. - Anna Tergel


Dark Order