Dark Quarterer - 1987 - Label
The Etruscan Prophecy - 1989 - Cobra
War Tears - 1994 - Inline
Violence - 2002 - Andromeda Relics
Symbols - 2008 - My Graveyard
Under The Spell (Live At Concordi Theatre) - 2012 - My Graveyard
Dark Quarterer - XXV Anniversary - 2012 - My Graveyard
Ithaca – 2015 – Metal On Metal
Pompei – 2020 – Cruz Del Sur

Dark Quarterer image
S= Watt 2000>>GIANNI NEPI>>Watt 2000

G= Fulberto Serena - Sandro Tersetto - FRANCESCO SOZZI

B= Watt 2000>>GIANNI NEPI>>Watt 2000



History & Biography
This Italian band's speciality is epic doom metal. Formed in 1978, Dark Quarterer was the follow-up to Omega R. which was a band that was formed in 1972 and mostly played cover versions. Serena was replaced by Tersetto prior to War Tears.

This happened to become the band's last album for seven years before the act reformed with Sozzi - who at the time was 22 years old - in tow. The Etruscan Prophecy was reissued in 2002 by Comet Records. Symbols emerged six years later. Longhi was now on keyboards. A live video was issued in 2010, which also became a live CD in 2012. Dark Quarterer XXV Anniversary was a reworked version of the band’s debut from 2012. The group was booked for Crusher Festival, alongside Witherfall, Dark Quarterer, Nocturnal, Wytch Hazel and others, for September 2024.The group was booked for Crusher Festival, alongside Witherfall, Fifth Angel, Nocturnal, Wytch Hazel and others, for September 2024.


Dark Quarterer is another band on the comeback trail. Violence is the band's first album in twelve years. Listening to this album is not an easy chore, it takes genuine effort and focus. There is much going on and were we provided with a biography, chances are it would mention the album to be a concept. The music seems to be, at times, set to the requirements of a theatrical narrative, hence the extra need for attention. For the lyrics are certainly involved, as they are different. Musically the act comes across as harbouring elements of Virgin Steele, old Manowar and perhaps Savatage. The vocalist sounds occasionally close to Geoff Tate of Queensryche, while more in the old fantasy mould of Manowar at other times. Some might call Dark Quarterer a progressive band. Whether they are or not might depend on if an average song-length of eight minutes automatically serves as qualification for the term. Violence is recommended to those seeking something different in the world of hard rock and heavy metal. - Ali "The Metallian"


Dark Quarterer