Massive Retaliation - 2004 - Deadsun
Unbeliever – 2006 – Deadsun
Built – 2009 – Great Dane
Realeyes – 2013 – Great Dane
Fear, Hate & Corruption – 2016 - Punishing
Circles Of Failure – 2019 - Punishing

Darkrise image
Nicolas Troyon – Gregory Massera - Eternal Flight>>THIBAUD DUCROT>>Eternal Flight

Sounds Of Fury>>Nicolas Troyon>>Sounds Of Fury – Luc - NICOLAS MORARD - Sounds Of Fury>>DARIO HUG>>Sounds Of Fury

Flesh And Blood, Near Death Condition>>WILS GREPT

Noma, Sounds Of Fury, Near Death Condition>>AXEL VUILLE>>Sounds Of Fury, Near Death Condition

History & Biography
Switzerland's Darkrise hailed from Lausanne and played death metal. The act was formed in 1998. The original line-up was: Yann (drums), Wils (bass), Nico (vocal & guitar) and Luc (guitar). Inaugural shows happened in the winter of 1999 and the band entered Castle Life Studio in Fribourg and recorded a six-track demo was called Slaves Of Death which was released in 2000. Things ground to a halt to allow the band members to serve in the Swiss army. A change of drummer to Steeve (who also sang for Disaster) later and the band was up and running again. Steeve left several weeks before the recording of the band's debut and the guys recorded the CD using a drum machine at Studio Full-Moon. Frost Creation, a division of DeadSun Records of France, released the CD. The band performed live in the summer of 2004.

2016’s Punishing demo was issued through the imprint of band drummer Axel Vuille. Incantation kicked off a run of European dates in mid-2016 with Morgoth, Darkrise, Methedras and Omophagia, which saw the band giving shows in mainland Europe, the UK and Russia that April. Suffocation, Belphegor, God Dethroned, Nordjevel and Darkrise toured Europe in April 2019.