Calling The Earth To Witness - 2007 - Ulterium
Where Stories End - 2010 - Ulterium
Human – 2018 - Ulterium

Darkwater image
S= Harmony, Shadrane, Universal Mind Project, Waken Eyes>>HENRIK BATH>>Harmony, Shadrane, Universal Mind Project, Waken Eyes

G= HENRIK BATH - Harmony, 7 Days>>MARKUS SIGFRIDSSON>>Harmony, 7 Days

B= Karl Wassholm - Pain Of Salvation, Avatar>>SIMON ANDERSSON>>Pain Of Salvation, Avatar

D= Harmony>>TOBIAS ENBERT>>Harmony

K= Harmony>>MAGNUS HOLMBERG>>Harmony

History & Biography
Born in the cold of Sweden in late 2003 the band played several shows before recording its album in late 2006 and early 2007. With the material in hand, the group signed with Ulterium Records. The album was mixed by Peter Saether at Studio Underground and issued in the middle of 2007. Nightmare Records handled distribution for North America. The band announced a US show in 2008 at the Bay Area Rock Fest.

Darkwater is a project of white metal band Harmony members and appeared on the Sweet According To Sweden covers album in 2004. Darkwater announced an appearance in The Netherlands at Brainstorm Festival in 2009 and 2011. The group also plated ProgPower USA in 2011. The Sweden-based melodic metal band released an album called Human through Ulterium Records in March.


Admittedly, this girl is not a big Dream Theater fan. Even if I were a Dream Theater lover, I am not so sure it would translate into liking a band that does so much like the original. Otherwise, there are many Dream Theater copycats out there. The latest is a Swedish bunch called Darkwater.
The progressive songs have both harder and softer parts and it is the more lush sections that bring DT to mind. The keyboards, swirling drums and hard chords all evoke everything that is necessary in the progressive metal department. The high voice of Henrik Bath requires a special mention, however, for its power. Even the very high pitches, which show up scarcely, seem under the man’s control. Not bad for what it is, except it is all been done before solid musicianship and all. Did get a kick out of the reversed into though. Does that mean the intro’s proper title is 7614352? - Anna Tergel